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I have great memories of hiking, camping, and skiing in the park. Most hiking trips began by staying at Glacier Point. For a couple of days getting used to the elevation change. Ate a number of home made pies there at the motel. I would often stand at the railing, imagining my mother singing up to me. Treasured Memories! Back then, campers would sort of put their tents anywhere, and it was pretty crowded, but that was okay with us.

We spent our mornings in Junior Rangers, hiking up to the top of all the falls. The firefall was really special. Even from the meadows down there, if you listened, you could still hear them do the call. Mom loved it, because she could hear it happen. She loved taking that walk every evening, and she really enjoyed hearing them do the "Let the Fire Fall" call.

And, yes, I remember people yelling "Elmer", too. My husband did some camping there when he was a boy, too. He remembers the bears over the the refuse dump! I loved bicycling around the loop, down by the little church and back up to Camp Curry, and then up to Mirror Lake.

Remember the Handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free grinding holes in the granite rocks near the road? Junior Rangers was a blast, and they taught us some great songs and how to recognize different tree species. The Firefall was magical, and I was so sorry to see it go. I understand, but it was just so beautiful -- it seemed quite natural to me, and made me think about God and love and the universe.

It was simply a wonderful thing. For the next 15 years every summer was spent camping in Yosemite He served between [motorcycle patrol]. Among his other duties. He had many stories of how not all of the pushes would go the same My dad passed away inand I still have his ranger hat. One photo was taken by Ansel Adams [] Anyway if anyone has any long lost family members who was there when my dad was I would like to share your stories Anyone who ever experienced Yosemite in its узнать больше здесь is truley blessed.

My grandfather, David Hughes, helped build the Ahwahnee hotel. My grandfather was one of the lucky ones who got to push the coals over the edge for the fire falls. I have lots of pictures of daily life in Camp Curry as well as some of the Ahwahnee under construction. I completely forgot about the "Elmer" calls handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free never knew what it was about.

Now I know. Anybody remember the guy who would do a perfect "Tarzan" yell just as the firefall started? He would be off hidden back in the woods and it was "Let the fire fall! The Ranger was never impressed.

My Dad would always laugh at the people using flash on their cameras to take pictures of the firefall. I remember handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free to Nevada Falls and lying across the trail was a rattlesnake that was just about as long as the trail was wide.

The Park would not allow them in! Anybody remember that? While hiking in Handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free several years ago I learned about the Firefall. Since then I have wanted to re-create it.

In I interview Granville Pool——one of few remaining employees of the old Glacier Point Hotel that took part in the Firefall——to teach me how it was done. With the help of a quarry near where I live in upstate New York, we staged a Firefall in June for a crowd of around The quarry is now interested in restaging this event yearly, so in a small way it looks like the Firefall will continue to live on.

To watch a video of the event click on this link, and make sure to click the HD button on to see it at full quality:. Adam Frelin Troy, New York http: The valley floor was packed with people. There are folks who have written about their experience and some are old enough to remember how it used to be in Yosemite Park. My family would spend two weeks every summer camping on the Merced River.

I learned to swim by that stable bridge. You could jump or dive if the water was high enough into the Merced right off the bridge in those days, nobody cared about getting sued back then, just plain fun.

In Curry Village they put on a show for an hour, but at 9pm the whole park was quiet. All you could hear was Yosemite Falls roaring in the distance. The calls started at Curry with the return call from Glacier Point. Lot of contributers to this forum know, Yosemite National Park is the best place on this old dirt ball we call Earth Oh My!

Still more on Shirley! You may want to append this awesome memory to my earlier post. The Actual book that brought this memory to mind is. He was a hiker, but from severe wartime injuries and a terrible auto accident he was unable to follow his passion. Anyway, he reluctantly took his most rebel-hearted, spirited son and we piled into his old Model A Ford, and proceeded.

I think we fished, and I think we watched the firefalls. This awesome childhood memory recently returned from long years of buried memories from a depressed love for handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free things parental.

News: Breaking stories & updates

I had wonderful itps, so I kick myself for resenting them for most of my life. Dad was a park employee flirting moves that work on women photos класно!!! his teen years, перейти he restarted his Yosemite trips after he recovered from severe head wounds from a fall from an Army boxcar where he was helping handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free crate kitchen supplies headed out for the war theater.

I remember one froj a bear found the food basket, and pushed the top of a glass milk bottle in, and emptied the contents down its hatch! What an awesome sight, those firefalls! I had no idea it had ended until searching for it on the Internet, today, August ! We camped in Kennedy Meadows, far away from the valley, so I thought nothing sim games for anime girls 2 the firefall.

What an awesome state! I wish it had not gone South with so-called "Green" selfish interest groups closing off so much of the natural wonders for hoarding resources. Has anyone reading this searched for petrified shark teeth in Santa Cruz area sand pits? I spent many lost-in-awe hours when visiting a Summer camp near one. I even recently discovered a small box with part of my collection that survived a near-total loss Divorce, Navy years, a wild ride second marriage, and natural disasters a-plenty!

I grew по этому адресу partially in Ojai California, and partially in Kentucky, Texas, and Nevada my dad was a draftsman on various oil pipeline projects beginning in the late 40s, so we moved around a fair bit. During the years in California, we spent many lovely summer days and nights in Yosemite, Sequoia, and the north coast Redwoods.

The highlight of our Yosemite trips was the Firefall. Thank страница for the wonderful photo.

It is almost 50 fre since I heard the words "Are you ready Camp Curry? My family has been camping in the park since the early part of the 20th century. I was born in San Jose in and grew up camping in Yosemite on weekends in the spring and fall as well as on longer trips in the summer. handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free

We would camp up at Tamarack Больше на странице because the floor of the valley was getting too crowded, but every time we went down to the Valley we would stay and watch the firefall.

At that point, my parents made the decision to give up camping in Yosemite, so that those who had never been there might have one more camping spot available. Handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free I close my eyes, I can see the firefall as vividly as if it were yesterday.

I cherish that memory and the memory of a Yosemite that was a very special part of my childhood. I was about 10 years old when my parents first started going to Yosemite. The highlight of the summer were the the weeks we spent camping on the valley floor and taking hikes and day trips to the surrounding sites.

The firefall was the perfect ending to a perfect day. Does anyone else remember the call of "elmer" that richoched thru all of the campgrounds at the evening meal time? He said "What, not from Glacier Point. Yosemite is my favorite place in the whole world. I remember my parents would take us there every year until I remember the firefalls very well, we always had a cabin by the river. I still to this day go once a year with my husband, april-may he has never seen the firefalls.

I sure wish he could see the wounderful firefalls. I know u would find this hard to believe but i cry every time we leave. See u soon 1 handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free yosemite. My mom and dad started taking me to Yosemite in We would be there for a week in June every year and it became a time when we would see the same people over the years.

Many which became life long friends. As I look back on that time, the moments with family and friends song video wrong lyrics full flirting memes gone the ritual calls between Camp Curry and Glacier Point and then watching the fire fall in almost total silence is a cherished memory I will have for the rest of my life. Choosing our log seats, we waited for the "let the fire fall" call and the spectacular colors of that special thing that, like Half Dome, defined Yosemite valley.

When it passed so did a part of our lives and experiences as a family. But our pictures and memories still remind us of the uniqueness of this enchanted granite statue that was handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free millennia ago. The summer of I was on a camping trip to yosemite with boy scout troop 44 from south central Los Angeles.

handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free

We saw the firefall from camp curry. The next night we drove up to the fire handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free to see the coals pushed over the cliff. It was an exciting moment I have always remembered. I still froom the photo laminated on a slice of tree trunk I bought at Camp Curry. I am a native of Southern CA and spent two weeks every summer from camping in Yosemite with my dad and brother. The firefall was the event I got most excited about.

I recall the flashlight signals and the calling out daitng thinking how the voices traveled for being so far tens Glacier Point and Camp Curry. The memories of my summers in Yosemite bring tears to my eyes.

I cherish them dearly. To this day I have an Ansel Adams black and white poster framed print of Half Dome hanging in my home. My last trip to Yosemite was 18 years ago but my 17 year old son visited Yosemite for the first time with his dad last summer and took beautiful photos that I have also framed alongside my Ansel Adams. Another memorable moment I recall, is that I saw President Kennedy there when I was maybe 5 or 6 years old.

Even now I can close my eyes and see and hear it. The summer of my 13th year, my mother, father, two sisters and brother tent-camped in Yosemite youutbe a few days. That was As a 13 year-old girl, the romance of the beautiful Firefall, the silence before hearing the calls, and then the handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free refrain of Indian Love Call, captured my soul and filled me with happiness.

And to top it all off, we went to a dance in a big hall after the Firefall and I danced with a lovely online dating advice for teens workplace work man.

How much better could it get? What a special evening and a special memory. Thank you for allowing me to reminisce. My first trip to Yosemite was when in when I was 7 years old. My family spent every summer camping there for at least a week. We would go swimming in the pool at Camp Curry and rent https://sallmler.gitlab.io/plastic/dating-sites-for-seniors-over-50-free-games-2017-printable-2488.html. They decided it was much more fun for all of us.

Every night we went to the "dump" The actual place they took refuse from the park. Around dusk the bears would wander down and scavenge through while campers watched. It seemed to be a natural attraction. Sometimes there would be more than a dozen bears eating their dinner there. After we would tire of watching the bears we would head to Camp Curry to watch the Fire Falls. Even at that age it was a wonderful site.

I never ever tired of seeing the falls. It was something we did every night we were at Yosemite. You always heard his name being called. The story I was told back then was that there was a huge bear that came раз flirting with disaster american dad full episodes list youtube что with frlm other bears to the dump every evening.

He eventually got so brave he started looting cars and campsites. The park rangers eventually sedated him and took him high in the mountains thinking they had solved the problem. Well, think again He would be a good bear for a short period of time, then start getting brave again and start looting again. They would take him to the high mountains several times a summer and was so familiar the rangers nicknamed him Elmer. Over the years people forgot why they even called Elmer, but the last time I was there about tis years ago I heard it being called out a couple of times, however, not near as often as it was when I was a child!

Oh, how I remember yelling Elmer over the years. Funny thing is that people still respond to a youtuve Elmer call. Not too long ago in Upper River Campground Camp 14 we belted out a good Elmer and sure enough, we got responses посетить страницу источник every direction. My family took vacations to Yosemite every year sinceand my earliest memories of the Park and the firewall were the summer ofwhen I was 3 years old.

My last summer visit was in The evening event at Camp Curry was always interesting to me, and I will never forget the call to the mountain to "let the fire fall".

I also remember a peculiar Yosemite institution that people yelled "Elmer" at the top of their lungs at dusk. The apocryphal story was that Elmer was a child who wandered off in the s and was never seen again. We hiked to the tops of all of the waterfalls and floated on Mirror Lake. I also remember the glass case with the freeze-dried mountain goat, in the park museum, something that fascinated me greatly. Yosemite was a remarkable place and holds some of my dearest childhood memories.

I am too young to remember the firefall and am sorry that I never got to experience it. We visit Yosemite at least once a year as this is one of my favorite places on the узнать больше This past summer we took the Hhandy Floor Tour and thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the history and the reasons for stopping the firefall.

According to the ranger it did not stop due to fire danger, rather due to the 10 thousand people that would stand in the fields handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free destroying the meadows, wild flowers, deer and bunny habitat etc.

I have a picture of the firefall off of Half Dome, people often correct me when I mention this, but it is clearly Half Dome. After reading several sites I found that they restored the firefall only one time in on the 4th of July, off of Half Dome.

It is a spectacular picture that I display over my fireplace, I love it! I would love for them to somehow restore the firefall with some crowd control, maybe shut down the roads so people can stand in the street etc. It still holds the beauty and glory it always has.

All the relatives would camp with us and we would wall off the access to the hanyd with blankets behind vireos tents. My dad and uncles were all ministers and the would each preach one Sunday at the chapel of the out doors church. During the war, the Awanhannee hotel was a rehabilitation hospital for the navy and every evening a lot drunk sailors would sit on Stoneman bridge and try dree meet the girls.

I started working in Yosemite inhandy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free out the stables. Then in and 49 I worked as a busboy handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free the Cafeteria. One day I squashed a milk carton and it spayed milk all over Mother Curry. In51, 52 and 53 I worked as a "soda jerk" in the grill. This was the best place to work and meet girls.

We had beach parties almost every night. I was pitcher on the grill soft ball team. Dete Vree, who handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free a book called tip from a Yosemite Grandmother". I had a lot of pictures in her book. Of course we watched the fire fall every night and I had the privilege to основываясь на этих данных push it handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free for a while when I worked part time at the hotel at Glacier Point.

The fire fall was a big part of history of Yosemite. It was a shame when they cut it off. I spent my honeymoon youtune in a tent on a squeaky bed in Camp Curry. It will never be like the old days when you could drive to mirror lake to watch the submarine races, or to Happy Isles.

My grandkids will never experience the same fun I had with the shows at Curry, the dance, the beach parties, camping on the river and floating down the rapids on inter-tubes.

I made the trip to Yosemite and Glacier Point this week after an absence of videow years. I was disappointed to see that the firefall pit had been removed and привожу ссылку handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free or plaque of its former location or existence unlike the Mountain House and Lodge.

While standing in the area of its former location, I educated a younger person on its history, and yes, I actually saw it many times in person when I was a kid.

Like the author, I was born in In addition to hiking the trails and admiring the нажмите чтобы узнать больше of Yosemite, the firefall is the thing that I will always remember as a kid as being special about our camping trips.

My father George Prall worked in the park during the thirties during the summers as he was a student at Cal. I grew up hearing about the Fire Fall including how my father had called from Camp Curry. I did not get to etens the Fall until I was twelve in on a family camping trip.

The last time I saw the Falls was on my Honey Moon in In I enjoyed a dinner at the hotel up on Glacier Point and saw the fire from the top. I would love to see a special reunion fall on an anniversery. If it was a surprise and not announced it продолжить чтение not cause a complete riot.

My family went to Yosemite in the late 50s. We camped there and one of the rfom vivid memories besides the deer in camp was the fireball. We went to this area with benches in a semi circle and sat around as the Ranger gave a talk about Yosemite.

The Fireball was the finale. It is actually one of my first memories in life, since I was around 4 years old. Funny how we have become so politically correct and in that correctness have lost a lot of wonderful things. It is my hope and prayer that the owner of this wonderful website will consider starting a new page with a title something "The Resurrection of the Firefall" or "The Return of the Firefall" or "Bring Back the Firefall"!

The main idea would be for all of us who have a great interest in this, to start lobbying our respective members of Congress to draft and pass a simple piece of legislation that would compel the National Park Service to allow the Firefall to be restored.

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Yes, make it a matter of law, the will of the people expressed in law, that the tradition of the Firefall be maintained. All of us can write a simple letter to our member of congress asking for just that, but also, we would include with the letter, and make reference to this здесь the letter, a very important piece of supporting information.

Why of course. These are really powerful, and compelling, and really carry the beautiful spirit of the Firefall into the heart of the reader. The truth be told, that this is actually the perfect time for such an effort. The country is in a dark mood, and all of us, the whole country, needs something to feel good about. I think our members of Congress would sense that fact, and latch onto this quickly, and we might see this legislation appropriately drafted, introduced, and passed by acclimation before the end of the year.

I am really happy to find your site. I am a fan of handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free Yosemite Fire Fall, even though I never experienced the event in person. I posted a link to your site firefall. At 57 and with my parents recently departed, certain memories of childhood come back all so vividly. One big one was the Firefall at Yosemite. JFK was killed around that time also when I was in 4th grade. Also a deep memory that will never go away.

I only wish people today could have that memory like I can. I can only imagine how my proud parents felt being able to show нажмите чтобы увидеть больше this wonderful event. I am so grateful that you have this wonderful photo I can share with my Irish husband.

Sorry that they are no longer doing it, and I was surprised to learn that it stopped so soon, as I was born in and I can distinctly recall seeing it on three occasions - wonderful how your memory can be so vivid at such a young age. I wish wish wish I could take Eddie to see it these days it was so spectacular! Thanks again for posting this! We just returned from a vacation in one of my favorite handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free on Earth - Yosemite.

Very few places make me feel so relaxed and back "in sync" with myself, nature and God as this beautiful place. I saw the Firefall at about age 5 when my grandpa took my family to the valley. He and my grandma came to the valley regularly but this time they brought us.

We stayed in the Awahnee. My parents did not узнать больше let my grandparents pay our way but this time they allowed Gran and Pa to give us quite a treat. We usually stayed in a tent or eventually a simple box tent trailer when we camped so the Awahnee was such a luxury. I remember dinner at the Wawona and the accompanying lecture about minding my manners from my mom! Most of all I remember the Firefall - because I was totally terrified at the start I had - ok, still have - a big fear of fire and completely in awe by the end.

I remember all day dreading the Firefall show the first night. Handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free fact, I think I may have refused to come outside for awhile. Somehow I was persuaded to watch - and I was mesmerized. We stayed for three nights and each time I was enthralled with the beauty of the Firefall. I had forgotten about the calls and the song until I read about them on this site but I know that part of why I have such fond, heartwarming feeling of this event is because the song and and the calls were etched inside my handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free. Thanks for bringing this all back to me with this site - and thanks Gran, Pa and Yosemite.

My family started going to Yosemite in when we bought our first ski boat to vacation at Denver Church camp ground on Bass Lake. We would plan a day on the lake and then go through the south gate and take are rafts and drift down the rivers of Yosemite trying to take up as much time as possible knowing my mom and dad would let us stay to watch the fire falls if we were to stay and let the traffic end so we could make good time back to the banks of Bass lake for a early ski the next morning.

As time went on we decided to build a vacation home on the lake back in Willow Cove, this my dad said to keep are friends and family together which was great. Most of our ski friends had never seen the fire falls so this made for a great excuse to spend a day hiking and sightseeing in the park with our friends until that Magical Moment would once come again and we could shed a tear with friends of how beutiful and blessed we were to be part of this great valley. Today we still travel to the lake and will try to hold on to the house until the fire ссылка на подробности come back so we may make some new friends as happy as our old.

From about to I spent nearly every summer in the valley, first with my family then when Father had to get back to work we would stay with uncles and grandfather for most of the summer.

The Firefall is vivid in my mind, trolling for teenage girls and laying in the meadow to marvel its beauty. Such great memories of Yosemite. In we honeymooned at the Awhanee. There, I took my triple exposure of the firefall. On a handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free the first exposure at about dusk showed the sky and cliffs. The second was a long exposure during the fall with the third being a flash to bring in the foreground.

We returned last year on our 50th anniversary. I saw the next to last fire fall and several before that. It was a strong memory maker. Yosemite will forever be my most special place. We usually stayed on the eastern side of the mountains, but would make a trek over Tioga Pass into the Yosemite Valley just for the spectacle. I too would welcome a return of the falling sparks, yet sadly know the world of today will never allow such things.

So for me, I have found a place in my own back yard to shout "Let the fire fall! Yes, I live on a large ranch with huge granite boulders, and when the weather conditions are safe, I burn a large stack of wood on top of the largest rock until red embers form, then push it off the edge. Having been born in handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free park and resided there until I was 18, I handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free many firefalls and the lasting impression they left not only on me but many of those fortunate enough to experience this phenomenon first hand.

I was 10 when the final fire fell and as usual had a ring side seat for the event. At the time we resided on "Meadow Row" which fronted the Ahwahnee so I would sit out on our lawn with my family, look up to our right at Glacier Point and wait for the action.

No video games back then, hardly t. As the embers began to cascade it really seemed like a waterfall on fire Horse Shoe falls with the evening sun looks remarkably similar and before you knew it, it was over. I never minded the so called crowds pulling over or even an evening stroller stopping by my yard as we all shared in this celebration. What I asked, is so unnatural as this glowing fall of embers compared to our village store, post office, Y.

I say bring back the firefall and restore a lost legacy for generations to come! In my family moved to Fremont California from Arkansas. We were seeking a better way of life. So many changes were to happen in our lives coming from a very rural place. The changes were many. We had a beautiful home with lots of hope for the future. We felt delivered into paradise. We were so interested in our new home.

We were told of Yosemite. It was our first Handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free family outing. We went, with no camping gear. Just blankets and food and vessels to cook with. We drove into that magnificent park near the Yosemite Hotel!!! What a beautiful place. We were in awe! Never had we seen such a wonderful place.

We found an area to camp. We swept up pine handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free from under those beautiful trees and made beds. We slept right out under the stars along with many other families. No fear, no worry. Then flirting meme you all night free song next day we were told of the Firefall, we could hardly wait till dark!!!

When it finally came we felt as though we had witness a Holy Event! It was almost a sacred experience! The love of our Country and its history were alive and well. When it was over there was a hush of the whole place handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free a few minutes. I have never witnessed anything like it EVER again. I was a 10 yr old kid then. We need something in this country to inspire the masses like that did again.

It is so bright and vivid in my memory. I am writing a book about some of my travels and mention the Yosemite Firefall. If so, please contact me. Thank you! Been to the top of Half По этому адресу four times and climbed the two mile trail to the top of Glacier Point in the middle of the night. As a teenager, my buddies and I used to go looking for girls in the campgrounds using the Firefall as an excuse to go lay in the meadow for a better view.

We were quite successful in our endeavors! The time we climbed to Glacier Point in the middle of the night, we arrived vs cheating video youtube videos full about 3 AM and went straight to the place where the burning bark ashes were pushed over the edge.

A History of the Yosemite Firefall

dating games for girls to play for kids games download We had our own firefall at 4AM!

I dont know if anyone ever noticed it but tipss would be fun to hear if anyone had. One year we had a bunch of guys from Old Miss. Hi, I now live in Wisconsin but have spent many, many months of handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free life wandering around Yosemite and environs. One of my earliest memories is of the Firefall from Glacier Point. My mother-in-law just handed me an old black and white post card she was about to discard.

I had never heard of this. Datinh you know if there was a one-time event where someone even unofficially pulled off a Half Dome Firefall? Sounds like your postcard is some kind of evidence at least! Peter Levonian WI November 13, This is a wonderful web site and it is fascinating to read the stories of so many people who saw the firefall in person.

I was in the Boy Scouts datin many years and am well versed in ritual of the evening campfire, stories, skits, and singing. Our family fir visited Yosemite during trips to California, but the firefall and I crossed paths when I was eighteen years old.

I worked in a record store in and one of https://sallmler.gitlab.io/plastic/flirting-memes-sarcastic-jokes-funny-images-pictures-1111.html promotional posters we hung was for the soft читать band, "Firefall".

I kept the poster, despite the advertising, because the image was so beautiful. The website www. If you click on this link, there are images of posters and several photos taken through the years.

I have no connection with this band and am including this fr for the perusal of others. I recall being told, by a ranger naturalist, that the "Elmer" shouts came from a Joe E Lewis movie that was set in Yosemite and the plot involved Elmer being lost after a Firefall and others calling his name.

My family first visited Tipps in when I was barely 2. I remember trekking from our campground after dinner aross the meadow to Camp Curry.

Frew we would gather with all the other anxious visitors at the amphitheatre. That is how I think of it. Over the years, I have reminisced about this extraorinary experience. Job well done! The first four were at Camp Curry - in tent cabin just behind the chairs in the outdoor vidos at Curry. The last summer we camped - I think in Camp In addition to the firefall I remember the stage show that Curry put on. On some nights the m. I used to rake the hot red bark off of glacier point.

I would tops a pickup load overloaded of bark and back up to the gate at dting cliff, then rake it off the truck and I would lite it at about 4.

I would come out to the fire at about 8: The people would fred surprised that is just an ordinary teenager that was going to let the fire fall. The manager of the hotel at the time was Mr.

McDonald, handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free tought me how to drive and make the fire fall. What a wonderful website! Handyy have read all of the entries. So many of us have such vivid memories of Yosemite and the spectacular Firefall. Too bad future generations will not experience it. I grew up in Linden, in the San Joaquin Valley, and made several memorable visits to Yosemite datin the years. Richard Coke Wood, took a busload of us on a fantastic weekend field trip to Yosemite.

In our neighbor told us about Yosemite National Park. My mother and father had never camped before. I was 6 years old. My mother and father packed a pull trailer for me and my two older brothers. We could only посетить страницу источник for two weeks, but we had enough supplies to stay for two months.

handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free

We visited Yosemite National Park for the next 15 years for two weeks a year. We camped in campground The trip was never complete without hiking all the way to Nevada Falls. The Firefall was as spectacular as all the other comments from people. I remember the calls betweem Glacier Point and Camp Curry. We were ready every night at 9: My parents have since passed away. However some where in my storage I have 8mm film of the fire fall. It handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free be filled with found memories of our trips and of course the Fire Fall.

My parents took my sister and I to see yosemite valley when we were young. What a beautiful memory of the fire falls and the echo of the Indian Love Call.

How fortunate we are in California to have such a wonderful and beautiful valley. I was born and lived in CA until we moved to OR in Only went to Yosemite once and it was the year they had the last Firefalls.

I still believe that Yosemite is the most beautiful place in CA.

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I can understand why the Firefall came to an end, but it was quite a sight. On the way, we camped in Yosemite and I clearly remember waiting eagerly to see the fire fall. It was spectacular, very thrilling to a 9-year-old girl, and the memory has lasted all these years. Thank you flr refreshing these wonderful memories! Thank you for this site. One comment, please change the text handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free to make it easier to read. We camped in the house keeping tents.

Each night we would нажмите сюда to watch the fire fall. I will always remember the calls: What a beautiful teenx. While I understand a lot of the changes in the parks, sadly some uandy them I believe to be mistakes letting Mirror Lake fill in, stopping the fire fall.

Yosemite is my favorite place on this earth. I love it datinv the Sierras. As a fifth generation native Californian family came out in I appreciate the diverse beauty of this glorious state. I am homesick, and pray to come home to retire back in California. My family and I were жмите сюда in the late We had traveled from Belen, NM south of Albuquerque for a family vacation.

My memory of the Park and the fire fall in particular was a beautiful way to end a wonderous and adventure filled day of bears, deer, awesome geologocal sights and a harried mother caring for her family.

A VERY good memory for a child to carry into her retirement years. The "Firefall" being at the top of my rememberances, is a memory that will never go away! My parents loved camping high up in the wilderness parts of Yosemite in the s, and my dad took me to the Valley in when Rfom was 7 years old. I saw the Firefall from fairly close up our first night there, and even vidoes that age I knew it was just a sleazy show for the tourists.

I was delighted when they finally discontinued it. Clearly Ken Handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free had never actually seen the Firefall or he would have covered it in a anime boy dating simulator for girls games free 2017 favorable light. Predictably, after 12 years of receiving nothing but positive posts from those who have fond memories of the Firefall, we now have tipss getting posts like this one.

Dor would camp on the valley floor next to the Merced River. During ti;s day продолжить the kids would get on their little plastic rafts and grab onto the raft in front of them and form a train going down the crystal clear Merced river.

I remember passing all the different campsites with watermelons and beer dating online sites free like craigslist for sale uk near me map google sodas neatly tucked on the banks of the river yes snow melt water is cold.

After a day of swimming and exploring tens "Indian caves" in the giant granite boulders we would enjoy a barbecue in anticipation of nightfall. When it got dark their would be dead silence on the entire valley floor as everyone waited for someone to yell from the источник floor "Hello Glacier!

Followed by a response from the valley "Let the fire fall! This was followed by a real fire fall from the top of Glacier Point.

I was there on the 4th of July one year and they played the star spangled banner during houtube fire fall.


It was was the most amazing experience. That particular July must have been the summer of 63 1 was 9 years old because following that summer we lost president Handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free. I remember very well the firefall, we would go there and stay in camp It was the war had ended and my Dad rented a tent and had a rig made to go on top of a chevrolet to store the tent and all food, etc.

The Indian Love Song was sung and the yell "Let the fire fall". I was 9 years old then по этому сообщению it is still a favorite memory along with handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free freezing water of the river. At the age of 76, my memories of Yosemite are vivid and clear, including the traditional firefall from Glacier Point.

The summer I turned 18 I was privileged to spend with my aunt and uncle who lived in El Portal. My handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free worked at the Village Store in Yosemite and I often rode into the park with her to spend the day. She planned a special dinner for me at the Ahwahnee hotel on my 18th birthday and we were there for the firefall that evening.

I can still remember the voice calling out from Glacier Point to the valley below, "Let the fire fall! It remains as one of the memories that made Yosemite the most special place on earth to me. As a 6th generation Californian and former Boy Scout from Los Angeles, some of my fondest memories were camping in Yosemite and viewing the "Fire Fall" each night at 9: Nice to have all of this information now in this age of computers.

I am from По ссылке originally. Every year we went to Camp Curry to watch the firefall almost every night. I loved watching it and never tired of it. My memories of the firefalls remain vivid. I loved all of it.

We would catch fire flies in the meadow while we waited for the fire fall. The fire flies are now gone also. I clearly remember the Firefalls of old. I would go with a church youth group every year and we would wait till 9pm every night to watch that amazing site.

My memory is that it was unlike anything I had ever seen. It was beautiful and never lasted long enough I was sorry when I heard it was stopped I am sure it was safer to stop it. I went as a little girl when they had the Fire Falls. That was spectacular!! He stayed at the Ahwahnee Hotel. Later that afternoon, he stood on the balcony and waved to all the campers. That night he was there, the "fire falls" were extra long, handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free 15 minutes or more.

Please contact me if you have some footage regardless of its quality or its format 8mm, 16mm, etc. I would only need to borrow it so that I could make a посетить страницу источник transfer of it.

I could make a transfer of it for you as well so you could watch it on a DVD player. I am a professor who is very interested in talking with someone who has specific technical knowledge in regards to the firefall: Ideally the person would have taken part in the doing of it.

If so, please please contact handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free. I would love to have the chance to speak with you. I would hate for this knowledge to be lost. We my mother, father, sister and I were staying at Camp Curry. We returned for many vacations and in I worked as a "soda jerk" at the Curry Fountain good dating advice for teens 2017 girls Grill and the following year as manager of the Old Village Fountain.

My sister worked at the Awahnee Hotel. We always went to Yosemite every year and camped at camp 7. Love those times, meet on the bridge crossing the river and watch the fire fall. Never can figure why they stopped it, was such a part of being in the park. Memories I will nver forget. Some of my fondest childhood memories took place in Yosemite, specifically at Camp Curry. My father took us there two years in a row for our family vacation. Every evening we would go to the stage area and sit on giant redwood benches to watch the variety show.

At the end of the show a beautiful woman dressed like an Indian Princess would come on stage, and thats when the MC would yell, "Let the fire fall". It looked like a waterfall of fire and was so breath-taking. It was so special to me as a child and I have always remembered it and have spoke about it often throughout my life. It was more than a show, ссылка на продолжение was a life-long beautiful memory that I will never forget.

This was one of my fond memories of the park. Mom said we would be at the top one night to see them push it over and then the next night we would be down below to see. As a kid I was really fascinated with it It was the most impressive thing in my life. I am now 66 and still remember it. Did go to the top once and watch them push it over. Great experience I wish my grandkids could experience.

Our Quartet: I lived in Camp 19 in the valley when I was 4, 5, and 6, but I was too young to travel flirting awkward quotes clip art ideas see the Firefall every night.

When we lived at the Big Trees I was older and remember several trips to the valley. I came across this site looking ВЕРЬТЕ.НИЧЕГО dating apps like tinder and bumble app android iphone кажется Nick Fiore Memorial information.

I remember riding my bicycle out to the meadow at nine to watch the Firefall. Even at that age I somehow knew that all those camera flashes of the fire falling were useless. Living in Yosemite and seeing the Firefall often, I still found it very incredible. And I still miss it and think about it when looking up at Glacier Point. We viewed from the patio handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free the Ahwahnee and from a meadow that was full of Fireflies. Apparently the Fireflies are now gone as is the Firefall.

We camped in Camp Every year there were softball games behind the stage in Camp 14, with many of the same people there year after year. I remember a young couple particularly, Tommy and Kay. In as an year-old just out of high school and on the way to college at UCLA, it was a particularly wonderful year. Camped near us was another camp with four girls from Fresno.

We met at the softball field, and soon I was taking the four girls all over the Valley Floor, to Mirror Lake, and up to Glacier Point to see the firefall at its source. Soon it was with just one of the four girlfriends. And we stood in the meadow and watched the firefall. Well, to cut the story short, we have now been married 54 years, have ten children, 22 grandchildren, and two great grandchildren with one more of each on the way later this year.

Yosemite was and is magical. Reading all of the stories of больше на странице handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free have visited and loved Yosemite--well, I just had to submit my own.

I have seen the fire fall many times. Nic Fiore, a Curry Company employee for many many years, was for a time in charge of preparing the fire. There was a talent to pushing the hot red fir bark coals over the side to make a good fire fall.

Nic passed away several months ago he was a legend in Yosemite. Перейти the ski school at Badger Pass where I handy dating tips for teens from 1946 youtube videos free my first ski lesson from him in Another fond memory is ice skating on the parking lot at Curry.

Also remember there was no bear problems back then because all the bears went to the garbage dump that was in a remote corner of the valley. At 81 I now know what the saying "Good Old Days" is all about. Camped at the park with my Folks, sister and brother. And they wanted to show us their favorite spot on earth.

It was nothing like SW washington or going to the beach to dig clams like we had done in the past. I remember the camp grounds were kinda first come first served, quite crowded, and one camp site on top of the next.

We were there on a weekend so Im sure it was full. Went to the best spots to see Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, and all the wonderful sites. Back at camp in the late afternoon getting supper dishes washed and put away, along with putting our food in buckets and raising them with ropes into the tree limbs so the bears could not get it.

We got our own camp fire going to enjoy waiting for 9pm for the big show. I recall that shortly after full darkness the bears were seen by other camper. They started pounding pots and pans togeather, flashlights shining in all direction. Kids and adults a little on the edge of the camp stool, my self included.

But I do remember it well. On my next visit, my wife and I drove in from the east from hwy over Tioga pass. One of the most beautiful drives of all our travels.