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Department S - Going Left Right Free - My Brother Jake Motorhead - Bomber The Damned - Eloise Hanoi Rocks - Orental Beat Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way The Members - Solitary Confinment Humble Pie - Natural Born Buggy The Plasmatics - Butcher Baby Atomic Rooster - Tomorrow Night вот ссылка Little Angels - Womankind Wreckless Eric - Whole Wide World Dio - Holly Diver Larry Wallis - Police Car Mungo Jerry - Baby Jump quotes in spanish translation online english dub Tesla - Love Song Motor Boys Motor - Drive Friendly Stray - All In Your Mind Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 Allman Brothers Band - Jessica Подписка на новости сайта… http: Уникальное собрание не альбомных песен, не вошедших в составы альбомов, а изданных только на синглах, сборниках и специальных изданиях CD.

A unique collection not album songs that were not included in the compositions of the album, and released only on singles, compilations and special editions CD. Queen Название: Extra Tracks Жанр: Rock Год выпуска: Keep Yourself Alive demo 2. The Night Comes Down demo 3. Great King Rat demo 4. Jesus demo 5. Liar demo 6. Great King Rat preliminary mix 7. Mad The Swine 8.

Ogre Battle standalone version 3. Funny How Love Is standalone version 5. Seven Seas Of Rhye instrumental mix 6. Tenement Funster standalone version 2. Flick Of The Wrist standalone version 3. Lily Of The Valley standalone version 4. Stone Cold Crazy HR remix 1 5. Stone Cold Crazy HR remix 2 6. Bring Back That Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 Brown a cappella mix 7.

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flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016

Teo Torriatte HD mix 4. Tie Your Mother Down backing track mix 5. Feelings Feelings 2. My Melancholy Blues live in Houston Jazz: Fat Bottomed Girls single version 2. Fat Bottomed Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 HR remix 3. Jealousy with long-lost bass drum 4. Bicycle Race instrumental mix 5. Dreamers Ball early acoustic take 7. Sheer Heart Attack live in Paris 8. Save Me single mix 2. A Human Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 3.

Coming Soon remix 4. Sail Away Sweet Sister take 1 with guide vocal 5. Flash 2. The Hero revisited 3. The Kiss early version 4. Football Fight early version Hot Space: Soul Brother 2.

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One Vision extended version 3. Blurred Vision 4. A Kind Of Magic extended version 5. Friends Will Be Friends extended version 7. Who Wants To Live Forever single version Who Wants To Live Forever video version Forever One Year Of Love extended version A Kind Of Magic Highlander version A Нажмите для продолжения Of Vision demo Gimme The Prize intrumental remix One Vision адрес in London A Kind Of Magic live in London We Will Rock You live in London — single edit Tavaszi Szel Vizet Araszt live in Budapest Under Pressure live in Stevenage The Miracle: I Want It All single version 2.

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flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016

Under Pressure rah mix 3. Under Pressure rah mix — radio edit 4.

flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016

Under Pressure club mix One Year On: Mixed Исполнитель: Various Artist Название: No Glory Информация: LC Жанр: Pink Floyd Альбом: Columbia Catalog: QC Жанр: Rock Год выхода: Wav Качество: Это последний альбом Pink Floyd, в записи которого участвовал Роджер Уотерс. По существу flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 альбом является сольной работой Уотерса.

Альбом достиг первого места в хит-парадах Великобритании и шестого в США. April Wine - On Record Neonsign 2 июля Комментарии 1. April Wine Альбом: On Record Жанр: Rock, Hard Rock Год: Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 De Main Альбом: Progressive rock Год выхода: Lossless Размер: Blue Tears Альбом: Hard Rock Год выхода: Van Halen - Balance Warner Bros.

Japan Original Edition Lennox 2 июля Комментарии 0. Van Halen Альбом: Balance Warner Bros.Lachlan reluctantly sends the photographs of Belle with Dr Bailey to Cain, but when asked about what he plans to do with them, Cain suggests the less he knows about it, the better. Jacob worries that David is not looking after ссылка well enough, and resorts to shock tactics to make him see sense.

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Tracy tries to console David, hatcheteith he pushes her away as his hair begins to fall out. Charity приведенная ссылка to comfort a drunken and distraught Chas, Zak, Lisa and Belle try to persuade Angie not to involve the police, and Rhona and Vanessa put their disagreements behind them.

James excitedly makes plans for the future mllly driving through the country, only to end up читать полностью Chas down. He takes her to hospital, where she confesses dissater a nurse that she thinks she might be pregnant - which would mean Gordon is the father. Meanwhile, Emma becomes suspicious when she hears James and Chas hatchehwith been seen hacthetwith.

Jacob makes a grand gesture to make Hatchegwith feel better. Emma plays up her faked https://sallmler.gitlab.io/plastic/flirting-games-romance-full-free-online-play-1951.html to find out what has really been going on between Chas and James, but it may lead to her lies being exposed when he pays a visit to Dr Bailey.

Lawrence and Ronnie https://sallmler.gitlab.io/plastic/flirting-moves-that-work-body-language-worksheets-for-beginners-kids-easy-1819.html old times and seem to be on the verge of making peace, and David finds his new appearance hard to live with.

Finn, Pete and Ross turn their backs on Emma 201 discovering her lies. As she leaves their home, she runs into a clearly distressed Chas, who dlsaster she has trashed the pub during привожу ссылку PTSD episode.

Нажмите чтобы увидеть больше feels compelled to help, and flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 her to a mental health clinic. Moira urges Cain to be more supportive of Wifh, flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 he is not convinced her new job is a good idea. Lachlan warns Belle that Bailey will never leave his wife for her, and Charity double-books two very different parties at the pub.

Bernice confides in Andy. Moira tries to hide her fears over Holly. Tracy offers to help Belle. Holly взято отсюда trusted with babysitting Moloy while Moira and Cain go to the gig, but flirting with disaster molly bass cover art images photos cannot flrting the desire to take heroin - which leads to her locking herself out of the house.

Amelia and April help Arthur to investigate the ghosts he claims to have heard and discover a far more mundane explanation. Belle tries to make things up to her mother with a meal out, only to find themselves sharing a restaurant with Dr Bailey and his wife. Belle realises what he is up to and also breaks in to find he has trashed the place. When the Baileys return home unexpectedly, Lachlan makes his escape and Belle is caught red-handed.

Holly fears flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 to take a drugs test, and Marlon has had enough of Pierce hanging around Rhona and Leo. Belle returns home, and is forced to tell Lisa the truth about her relationship with the doctor before she is arrested for the break-in.

Angie becomes suspicious when she sees her husband talking to Lachlan, and decides to pay the Dingles a cisaster to discover what is really going on. Cain returns home with blood on his hands, leaving Belle convinced he has done something terrible for her sake. Dr Bailey wakes up in hospital to find that both Angie and Dr Cavanagh know about his affair with Belle, leaving his career and marriage in ruins. He tells Belle that they are finished, and she blames Lachlan and Cain for driving them apart.

The police turn up unannounced at disastdr farm. Cain tries to get rid of his bloodstained shirt, while Holly hides the stash of drugs that Simon gave her from both the cops and Moira. However, she realises later that she has lost them altogether, and may face terrible consequences. Charity tries to come up with a way to keep Belle away from Dr Bailey, while Finn tries to drum up business for the taxi firm. Holly comes under pressure to pay back the money she owes to Simon. As her day rapidly goes from band to worse, she sees a way to resolve the flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 by betraying a friend.

Finn is down when a booking falls through, so Ross tries to put things right by devious means. Charity tries to persuade Belle to change her story, and Rakesh finds hatfhetwith short of money.

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Simon comes flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 for his money, and Holly offers to give him the chance to rob the van - but her plan puts Victoria in danger when she goes back for the cash box. Nicola complains to Jimmy that their house is too small. Victoria and Jai fight off Simon when he tries to steal from the van, and Holly fears the truth about her part in the robbery will be exposed.

Rakesh discovers there is a serious problem with the mill, and fears that Vanessa will get in the way of his plans. When all his efforts to cover his losses fail, he contemplates setting the Mill on fire to claim the insurance.

Holly falls asleep at the wheel while trying to drive after using heroin, Jimmy finds himself under pressure to perform, and Bernice forgets her loneliness by spending time with Andy - until Chrissie gets in the way. However, he does not realise that Nicola has returned to retrieve her bag of sex toys. Ronnie is worried when he sees Priya making plans, and realises she does not know about the dry rot. Lawrence rejects a warning from Ronnie, flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 him he wishes he was dead, then returns to Home Farm hoping to make amends with Bernice and convince her that he is not gay.

Rakesh is racked with guilt when he discovers people have been seriously hurt as a result of his actions - flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 is relieved to discover he has got away with it, and sets about putting the next stage of his plan into action.

Nicola is discharged from hospital, but flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 injuries may be more serious than they appear. Nicola comes по этому сообщению after an operation to find she can no longer move her right arm or leg.

Laurel leaves Ashley alone with the children while she goes to work to see whether he can cope. The нажмите для деталей seems to go well, until Ashley hatcetwith himself faced with an open withh door and no mollly of Angelica. Jimmy accuses Rakesh flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 negligence and Gabby tries to make Jacob buy her alcohol.

However, the gathering descends into both families hurling blame around, and when the decision is made to prevent them seeing each other, Gabby responds by revealing that Laurel hurt Jacob. Ashley tries to make an anxious Laurel feel better by preparing a meal - only to forget that she is an alcoholic.

Laurel confides in Marlon. Pearl gets the wrong end of the stick. Charity tries to keep a secret from Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016. The Dingles catch Belle planning to run away to Romania with Bailey. Zak and Cain are furious, but Lisa persuades them to let her come up with a plan to resolve the crisis. Priya is convinced Rakesh is up to something, and confronts him with her suspicions - only to discover she has disastdr stormed in to her own surprise party.

The celebration is ruined further by an unexpected visitor with a serious accusation to make. Belle decides the only way to avoid her lie being exposed is to get pregnant as soon as possible, but her efforts are thwarted when Lisa insists she see a doctor. Holly strikes up an unlikely friendship. Rakesh gets some bad news. Tracy tries to get over David. Holly tries to stop Victoria from identifying the attacker, but later confesses to Jai that the attacker was her dealer.

Desperate to avoid being thrown out of the house, she fakes a burglary. Moira covers for Holly as she goes cold turkey while Cain is in France, but is appalled by the extent of her lies. When Holly confesses to arranging the robbery of the van, Moira is uncertain where her loyalties lie.

Angie returns and warns Charity that Jermaine cheated on her before, and that Belle should not trust him. Nicola is devastated by the limitations her paralysis places on her, Holly goes into withdrawal, and Florting asks Tracy to move in with him. Bernice tries to make Lawrence accept his sexuality by forcing him and Ronnie to be alone together in a hotel room. The experience leads to a very different epiphany, as Lawrence realises he truly loves Bernice - who is already leaving for the airport.

Nicola tries to get back to work, Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 confides in James about Holly, and Charity arranges to take Belle on a trip to a spa, getting her away from Bailey.

Chrissie finds out that Bernice has left Lawrence, and becomes convinced her departure has something to do with Ronnie being her father - but when she confronts him, the real truth emerges.

Nicola pushes away everyone who tries to help her, only to find herself desperately in need of assistance. Aaron tries to reason with Lawrence, convincing him that he can читать статью happy if he learns to accept himself, but receives a grim warning in return.

Jacob tells Tracy that she has been coming on too potos with David, and when a misunderstanding convinces her, she decides to leave for Ibiza. Robert receives a visit from Ryan, who intends to blackmail him, and Flirtijg offers Bailey a job. David finds out that Jacob has driven Tracy away, and is determined to talk her out of leaving Emmerdale.

He launches into an impassioned plea over the taxi radio, and ultimately goes down on one knee in the Увидеть больше. Robert pays Ryan off but warns him never disazter come back - but is unaware that someone has seen their conversation, while Lachlan fails to get through to Lawrence.

Liv tries to help Aaron and Robert to save their relationship, flirtibg Holly has misgivings when a doctor suggests she start using methadone. Charity sees an opportunity to help Belle fake a miscarriage. However, the plan goes awry following an unexpected encounter at the hospital, and Belle presses on with her own plan to obtain a baby and pass it off as her own. David books a date for the wedding, Chrissie makes arrangements to keep Ronnie in the village, and Adam gets suspicious when Holly becomes woozy from using methadone.

Holly is left to pick up her own methadone from the pharmacy, and is torn eith Simon sends her a text message offering her heroin. Moira later sees the message and fears she may have given into temptation.

flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016

Rakesh hopes that a high-stakes poker game will provide the perfect opportunity to make back the money he needs - especially when he finds himself going head to head with Pierce. Lawrence begins his campaign of revenge against Bernice by closing down the salon and evicting her from the wwith.

Rakesh plays for high stakes as the poker game grows more and more intense. Chrissie is furious after finding out the truth about the shooting, and that Andy let Lawrence take the blame for his actions. Rakesh plans to sell Mill Cottage, Robert urges Aaron not to tell Chas the truth about the shooting, and Rhona suspects something is going on between Marlon hatchetwth Carly.

Lachlan leaves the house abruptly on his birthday morning, but returns carrying a loaded shotgun, determined to make Lawrence apologise to Chrissie.

However, the confrontation goes tragically wrong. Holly displays her photos, but something in the background of one image reveals a secret. Harriet and Rhona try to push Marlon and Carly together, and Rakesh is tempted to finally tell Priya the truth. When disater overhears Andy leaving a message for Bernice, she decides to use the situation to get revenge. Carly dissater Marlon worry about where their relationship will go, Gabby steals to cope with her anxieties, and Adam tries to encourage Victoria to return to work.

Andy fails to convince ahtchetwith police of his по этой ссылке Chrissie pretends to be surprised that he has been arrested, while Lachlan is distraught at the thought of someone else being accused of his crime. Victoria humiliates Gabby, who decides to sceene revenge.

Lawrence regains consciousness, giving Andy hope that the truth will come out. However, Chrissie pressures her father into keeping quiet about what Lachlan did to him. Chrissie pretends to be supportive of Andy while actually enjoying his downfall, and Rakesh is hired to represent him. Ronnie asks Lawrence disastr give their relationship another chance. Ashley turns Gabby in to the police after she steals from Sandy, but struggles to cope following their questions.

Gabby feels betrayed, but uses the bruises she suffered flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 the robbery as a means to punish her father.

Simon threatens Holly, which leads Victoria to put читать the truth about recent events. Charity lays flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 the charm to win over one of the judges in the best publican contest.

As Holly also confesses to her part in the van robbery, a furious Cain issues Moira with an ultimatum - either Holly goes, or he does. Chas warns Charity not to get her hopes up that Cain intends to get back together with her, and when she realises that Moira may have HIV, she is adamant that he needs to return to his wife.

Gabby overhears a conversation between Ashley and Bernice that affects her deeply, Disastee tells Jimmy that her paralysis may be permanent, and Finn and Emma plan pgotos tribute to those who died in the helicopter crash. Cain apologises to Moira and tries to save their marriage. However, he is interrupted by James, who accuses him of sleeping with Charity. Cain lashes out at him and storms out in a furious mood, which Charity fears may have violent consequences.

Holly urges Moira to give her marriage another chance, while James tells her to walk away. Later, when he drives away from the farm, he is pursued by a furious Cain - but a last minute realisation prompts a change of heart. Lisa tells Belle that they need to make peace with Joanie, and Jimmy makes his first attempt at helping Nicola with her physio. Joanie invites Belle on her hen night, but is concerned when she flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 her talking to herself.

Ross takes matters into his flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 hands. Lachlan worries about the future. Zak is hungover on the morning of his wedding to Joanie, but that is the least of his worries when his bride-to-be goes missing ahead of their ceremony at the church. Belle dreads having her first scan and her fake pregnancy being exposed, so decides to fake a miscarriage. 2017 cast movie with forty cast 2016 flirting is shocked and upset when she finds out that David has been to visit her dad in prison, warning him not be taken in by anything he says.

She later confesses to James that she still has feelings for her husband, so needs to sever all ties before she is tempted to forgive him. Cain sees them together, and his jealousy drives him to accept an offer of a job from Charity.

Vanessa ссылка на подробности Tracy are both reluctant to visit their father in hospital, but are persuaded to go. April locks Pearl in a cupboard and demands to know why Carly does not want to look after her any more. Charity breaks a promise to Ross, Lachlan and Liv bond over their disappointing fathers, and Chrissie urges Rakesh to tell her the truth.

Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 meets Jermaine to work out the details of their divorce, and is determined to take everything from him.

She later overhears Belle talking to herself in the pub toilets - and realises that she is not really pregnant. Moira pleads with Cain not to help Charity - which leaves him thinking she wants to get back together. Angie tells Jermaine and the Dingles that Belle is not really pregnant. Cain refuses to help Charity, so she https://sallmler.gitlab.io/plastic/flirting-signs-texting-video-clips-for-women-video-2690.html him a message claiming that she is being held against her will in the hope that he will come to her rescue.

Robert sends Lachlan another message posing as his father, and Carly agrees to go for a drink with Pete. Carly cancels her date with Pete so she can help Marlon with the search, and helps flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 to dating advice for teens dating websites safely home after he pulls a muscle in the woods.

As she tends to his injury, she finally admits her feelings for him. Cain discovers that Charity knew that Belle was not really pregnant all along. It is the last straw for the Dingles, who turn their backs on her and demand she leave town, never to return. Bob tells Marlon he does not approve of his relationship with Carly, David is furious about how Leyla and Vanessa have treated Tracy, and Lawrence arranges for Ronnie to bring his brother home.

Charity gets news that Belle has been seen in a red light disastr, and asks a bewildered Sam and Marlon to help find her. Tracy misses another wedding proposal from David, and realises that she and Vanessa share the same father. Rakesh fears hatxhetwith has been found out, and Bob is forced to apologise to carly and Marlon.

Charity demands that Cain help her to win round the other Dingles in return for keeping quiet about their one-night stand.

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flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 However, Chas already knows that they slept together and warns Cain that he may have blown his last chance to get back together with Moira. Emma gets the wrong idea when she overhears Moira talking about HIV, and Rhona becomes jealous when Pierce and Carly decide to train together for a triathlon.

Paddy arrives home to find the place empty and, after stumbling on Marlon and Carly partially dressed, he ends up stunned to discover Pierce and Rhona together. Bernice tries to make Chrissie confess and Lawrence is unnerved by Lachlan and Liv. Https://sallmler.gitlab.io/plastic/datingcom-video-game-891.html tries to catch Pierce out and prove he is not the nice guy he pretends to be while out on a bike ride with Carly, and Robert thinks Lachlan may be on the verge of confessing.

Kerry pushes Ashley into having a flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 at Rishi for forcing Laurel to work.

Lachlan struggles to hide his panic when the police arrive to question him and he attacks Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 for flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 his dad, while Laurel is overwhelmed to find Ashley has organised a picnic for her with musical entertainment.

Robert is outraged when Chrissie warns him to stay away from Lachlan. Ashley helps Laurel with her home birth and Paddy tries to kiss Rhona despite her telling him that they need to move on from the past. Dan is annoyed that Kerry is too wrapped up in flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 own problems to notice his, and flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 comfort from Nicola.

Elliot tells Nicola that he saw her kissing Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016, and she tries to convince him that he is mistaken. However, she is unsuccessful, and he later tells everyone in the Woolpack, prompting Jimmy to declare their marriage over.

Dan tries to save his relationship with Kerry by telling her that Nicola made the first move - which drives her into a violent rage and leads to her trying to kiss Ross - who sees this as a perfect chance to win his bet with Pete. James comforts Moira as they rescue a donkey together, Chas and Aaron make a final, desperate attempt to persuade Paddy to stay, and Pete goes on a date with a woman who is not what he expected. James feels guilty about his night of passion with Moira, and fears he will be found out when her bra is discovered in the back of the cab.

Kerry is equally ashamed about sleeping with Ross, especially when she discovers he only did it to win a bet, and tearfully confesses everything to Bernice. Priya suspects that Rakesh is having an affair, while Nicola hatches a plan to save her marriage. Moira announces that she is selling the farm and leaving the village, to the shock of Holly, who is enjoying her new job.

James begs Ross to keep his secret, but when he hears the news about Moira, he unexpectedly tells her that he loves her. Zak and Lisa fear that the dating online sites free fish for sale online sites download may give up looking for Belle, David proposes to Tracy yet again, and Priya arranges a surprise for Rakesh that he is far from happy with.

The Dingles double their efforts to find Belle as the police give up the search - but they come close to finding her without realising. Tracy makes peace with Vanessa when she helps organise a surprise birthday party for her. However, the reconciliation does not last when Frank is released from prison and plans to move to the village. Rakesh leaves for Lahore, promising to make things up to Priya on his return, Lisa gives up hope of ever finding Belle, and James agrees to put his feelings for Moira aside.

Belle is tormented by the voices in her head, and a psychiatrist decides to have her sectioned. Jermaine tells Zak and Lisa that she may have schizophrenia, and feels guilty for not having seen the signs. She is outraged to overhear her father telling Vanessa that she is the only person he cares about and decides to take revenge.

Lisa is devastated when Belle refuses to see anyone but Jermaine, Ross tries to persuade Kerry to keep quiet, and Aaron departs for France, leaving a miserable Liv behind. Pollard is furious to discover someone has taken his money, and Tracy persuades him to suspect Frank, who is arrested. Tracy later confesses to David what really happened.

Charity offers to steal the money they need, but Lisa https://sallmler.gitlab.io/plastic/online-dating-sites-reviews-2017-pictures-free-2447.html not want the risk - but after further rejection from Chrissie, she becomes tempted. Tracy cancels the wedding and confesses to Pollard what she did to Frank. Priya confides in Leyla. David and Tracy look to the future.

Paddy sneaks into Smithy Cottage, but is furious to discover how much Pierce has changed his former home, so barricades himself flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016, smashing the place up and refusing to leave until Rhona returns. Ronnie tells Lawrence that he is leaving for good, Leyla urges Priya to tell Jai about her eating disorder, and Robert is far from happy as Chrissie discusses her plans for the Adventure Park.

Priya threatens to sue Chrissie for providing faulty equipment to the adventure park. Robert overhears this, and sees the dangerous site as a perfect means to get revenge - by challenging Chrissie to prove it is safe by trying it out herself. Jimmy accidentally joins a bereavement support group, and Priya makes plans for the future, unaware of the problems Rakesh has created.

Robert sabotages the climbing wall before Chrissie demonstrates at the opening event. When he discovers Victoria has taken her place, he races to undo the damage - only to end up in a tricky position, but with a new ally in his quest for revenge. David gets his test results from the hospital, and Tracy promises to stand by him, no matter the outcome.

She later angrily confronts Frank, who forces her into his car and drives away. She calls Vanessa, who races to the rescue with the dress, while Frank desperately tries to make peace with his daughter. David fears he will be left standing at the altar, while Holly tells Jai that she will be leaving the village soon.

Tracy tries to make it to the church on time, but when she fails to hitch a lift, she and Vanessa are forced to accept help from an unwelcome source. Rodney suggests a way for Dan and Jimmy to settle their differences, Jai and Holly are caught in the act by Megan, and Finn is in trouble after Leyla is forced to make an explanation. Kerry is overcome with nausea and comes to the realisation that she might be pregnant - but is terrified to find out for sure.

Charity tells Megan that Frank has just got out of prison and lied to her about having been in Australia. Jai asks Holly to run away with him, and Nicola gets jealous when she sees Jimmy with Lydia. Ross and Charity try to kidnap a dog, but the plan goes badly wrong and they end up trapped on a climbing frame being menaced by an angry rottweiler. Детальнее на этой странице confides in Joanie about being pregnant, and Nicola follows Jimmy to his meeting, and joins the group herself to put him on the spot.

Cain return to Emmerdale, only to find there may not be a place for him in the village any more. However, when he decides to leave, she claims she was only trying to make him jealous. Holly urges Moira not to sell the farm, and Jai suggests they tell people about their relationship. Charity is delighted to get Cain back, but furious when he denies it in public. Chas warns her not to get her hopes up about the relationship, but Cain is merely biding his time to pick the perfect moment to tell the world - which Brenda unwittingly supplies.

Carly and Bob tease Jai about his mystery girlfriend. Adam spreads the news about Cain and Charity, leaving Chas feeling guilty. Frank makes a poorly timed joke that upsets Megan, but later shows a surprisingly compassionate side. Pierce notices something out of place in the house, and confronts Pearl in search of answers.

Paddy is forced to confess what he did while they were away, and flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 to make Rhona understand his reasons. Moira seems unconcerned when she discovers that Cain and Charity are back together, Jai turns to Priya for support as he struggles with his addiction, and Frank turns on the charm with Megan. Jai makes a confession. Paddy is upset that no one believes him.

Charity dreads telling Cain her news. Joanie confronts Kerry. Rhona is impressed by Pierce. Kerry makes a big decision. Doug reassures an anxious Laurel. Dan demands the truth. Marlon is insecure читать полностью Carly.

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Ross is angered by a drunken revelation. Priya jumps to conclusions. Ross confronts James. Priya makes a heartbreaking discovery. Bernice takes pity on Kerry. Rakesh makes a big decision. Chrissie gets a surprise guest. James makes a disturbing discovery. Jai ссылка на подробности Rishi learn the truth.

Cain watches from a distance. Rebecca plays the long game with Lachlan. Charity tries to get Cain alone. Desperate James tries to escape. Will Robert give in to temptation?

The first of a special run of episodes that begins with a mysterious funeral. The first episode focuses on Aaron, who finds himself being threatened with false accusations of sexual abuse by Lachlan, and takes desperate measures to silence him. Meanwhile, Robert prepares to propose. She decides to seek solace by joining Marlon and Paddy as they flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 on a camping trip with Leo. She receives a phone call from an apologetic Pierce and tells him she is at home - but he knows she is lying, flirting games anime games list 1 10 feels furious at being deceived.

However, he does not intend to stay put, defacing the wedding vows in defiance of his fiancee-turned-captor. When he hears a lorry parking outside the house, he sees an opportunity to escape - but Emma may have outwitted him at last.

flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016

Laurel offers flirtint postpone the event when her husband seems confused, but he insists they go through with it. However, on the big day, he is experiences sensory overload, and cannot remember whose child is being christened.

The realisation that he has forgotten his own daughter proves devastating. The mysterious death storyline reaches its tragic conclusion, as the identity of the regular character whose funeral was featured at the start of the week is finally revealed.

Flurting and family gather round as medics struggle to save the lives of several of the villagers - and not all of them will make it. Lawrence tries to hide the results of the DNA test, but Disasetr convinces him that Chrissie and Rebecca need to know the truth. Cain and Charity get ready to leave очень best dating apps for expats in china pakistan 2017 рекомендации France, but Noah refuses to go, declaring that he wants to stay behind with Moira and telling his mother that dissater never wants to see her ссылка на подробности. Lisa excitedly waits for a visit from Belle, but Jermaine fears for her health.

Cain and Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 bid farewell to Emmerdale and prepare to start a new life together - but Cain suddenly stops the car on a country road and makes a devastating decision.

flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016

Lawrence tries to make peace between his two daughters, Kerry tries to persuade Bernice to throw a Halloween party while Doug and Diane are away, and Tracy and David return from honeymoon.

Cain ends his relationship with Charity, leaving her alone in his car while he walks back to the village. Devastated, she drives away and arrives at the edge of a cliff, where she seems poised to take drastic action. Lawrence makes Chrissie and Rebecca co-managers of the business, and Lisa becomes ill during an argument with Joanie. Zak is surprised to see Cain returning to the village, but a bigger shock follows when the police reveal that his car has been retrieved from the bottom of a lake.

The Dingles fear that Charity has died, but Cain suspects she is trying to deceive them. Kerry plots to make Dan jealous as preparations for the Halloween party get underway, and Rakesh proposes a business plan to Jai.

Kerry and Dan plan to get together at the Halloween party. However, when Dan swaps costumes with Ross, it leads to an unfortunate revelation and the evening ends in disaster, leaving Kerry to seek solace in the arms of Sam.

Jermaine helps Megan to steer clear of Frank, but Zak is suspicious of his reasons, and Priya fears that Rakesh no longer finds her flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016. Zak suspects Jermaine of cheating on Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 with Megan, and punches him before learning the truth. Lisa flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 him over his actions, the confrontation stirs up unresolved feelings for each other.

Belle pays her family a visit, but her mother realises she is not being honest about her condition. A fight breaks out between Ross and Dan, and Priya feels the pressure at work. She does not realise it is old, and becomes convinced he is going to kill himself today. He tells her everything, which leads her to make a revelation of her own.

Lisa tells Zak to stay away from her, and Dan is furious when he discovers that Kerry kissed Sam at the party. Priya ends her relationship with Rakesh, despite his pleading that they can work through their problems, and later makes a confession to Rishi. Kerry decides to use internet dating, and Liv suggests that it might be just the thing to cheer up Lisa. Tracy is delighted when David agrees to let Frank work in the shop. Jai persuades Rakesh not to leave the village, and Priya tells him that even though flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 marriage is over, she still intends to give him a place to stay and help him to solve his financial problems.

Finn visits someone in the hospital, and Frank persuades Sam to help him get closer to Megan. The people of Emmerdale gather to bid farewell to their friend and neighbour at the funeral.

Chrissie is annoyed that Rebecca is using the family name, but Lawrence is oblivious to her protests. Megan finds herself feeling less flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 of Frank when he asks her out.

Lachlan is not sure whether he can trust Rebecca, but falls for her lies when she convinces him that Robert knows about the evidence and advises him to hide it. Later, she follows him into the woods to find ссылка на продолжение where he has put it. Belle returns to Emmerdale and announces that she is coming home for good, but is worried that Lisa will be upset at her plan to stay with Zak.

Rebecca turns up at the bonfire party just as Chrissie is about to use the blaze to destroy the evidence, and accuses her sister of attacking her and framing Andy for shooting Lawrence. The children being so close to the fire triggers a panic attack in Nicola. Belle and Jermaine try to start their relationship afresh, while Joanie urges Zak to call Lisa and tell her that flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 daughter has returned home.

The Whites are questioned by the police, and discover there is incriminating footage of Dating sites for married people who want to cheat sheets for android. Diane storms into Home Farm, and accuses them of arranging a cover-up.

Ross kisses a furious Victoria, and responds to her rejection by challenging her to tell Adam, while Rishi offers Nicola his help with a compensation case. Ross goads Adam over Victoria and a fight soon breaks out between them. Victoria tries to break it up, but is pushed to the ground - which leads to her discovering that she might be pregnant.

Adam and Victoria anxiously await the results of the pregnancy test. He tries to reassure her that the test will come back negative, but does not realise that she actually wants flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 have a child - and is now convinced that he does not share her plans for the future.

Chrissie gives Diane, Doug and Bernice an eviction notice, saying they have seven days to leave Brook Cottage. Diane responds by trying to threaten Lachlan into making a confession, but she loses her temper and only ends up incriminating herself.

Jai fires her on the spot, while Priya decides they do not want to do business with George. Later that night, Kerry breaks into the factory to exact her revenge.

Nicola is suspicious about Bernice and Jimmy both wanting to get rid of her, and Rebecca tries to persuade Lawrence not to be so hard on Diane. Kerry wakes up in the factory covered in chocolate and whisky, and hurries to undo the damage she has caused before Jai and Rishi find out. Rebecca tries to seduce Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016, making Aaron jealous, while Lawrence reassures Diane and Doug that they will not be evicted.

Megan asks Frank what he was imprisoned for, and Bernice confides in Jimmy that she feels like a bad parent. The incident prompts a confession from Chrissie that she is terrified of her own son, unaware she is being flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 by Lachlan.

Chrissie is worried when Lachlan is missing from school. Rebecca volunteers to look for him in the village, hoping to seize the chance to exert her influence over him. She is successful, and soon Home Farm receives a worrying visit from the police. Frank has a run-in with an old enemy while on a date with Megan, Kerry makes a demand, and Pierce does not take kindly to getting relationship advice from Paddy.

Liv warns Marlon that Paddy is still in love with Rhona, but when he discusses her suspicions with Bob, they are overheard by Pierce, who is driven into a jealous fury. Rebecca tries to convince Chrissie that she needs to take the fall for Lachlan, and Https://sallmler.gitlab.io/plastic/flirting-meme-with-bread-machine-recipe-easy-recipes-961.html sneaks away to deal with his past - but Megan is not convinced by his excuses.

Zak and Joanie make a decision. The Bartons are left reeling. Robert feels certain he will get Andy back once Lachlan pleads guilty - but his hopes for the future are shattered when Rebecca forces him to break her nephew out of prison, threatening tell Aaron everything if he does not.

Chrissie tells Rebecca that she has to choose between Robert and her family. When he rejects her, she spitefully decides to tell Aaron about their kiss. Moira confronts a humiliated Cain, Lawrence swallows his price and begs Ronnie to stay, and Emma offers to help Finn find Kasim. Jimmy goes to the spa, in urgent need of a break, but the manager will not let him check in. Bernice comes to his aid and is forced to pose as his wife to resolve the problem - which results in Nicola getting an e-mail from the hotel that leaves her very suspicious.

Lawrence fears everyone is talking about him, Belle considers her future, and Charity complains that Aaron and Robert are always fighting. Nicola arrives at the hotel and confronts Jimmy, convinced he is lying to her. She is seemingly won over by his story, but is unaware that Bernice is hiding in the wardrobe. Lawrence finally admits to Ronnie that he loves him - and feels brave enough to say it in public.

Robert and Liv make plans to buy the Mill together, but Aaron refuses to support them. Pete is outraged to discover that Emma has located Kasim, flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 Rodney and Laurel plot to force Nicola and Jimmy to talk about their problems.

Zak implores Belle not to leave for America with Jermaine, and the Dingles conspire to change her mind - but Cain favours a more direct approach to making her stay. Jimmy decides to go away for a month to give Nicola time to think, leaving both fearful that their marriage may flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 over. Pete worries that Finn will get hurt if he goes to see Kasim, and Rhona is proud of Pierce learning to manage his anger.

Belle tries to convince her mother that she is happy to be leaving, but Lisa is flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 convinced.

Finn finally meets Kasim, Laurel discovers that Gabby has been playing truant, and Rhona tries to put some romance back in her relationship with Pierce. Finn spends time with Kasim, and a growing attraction develops between them. But he realises that he has to reveal the truth as soon as possible, especially when Emma shows an interest.

Gabby deals with her angst by getting drunk with Liv and running naked across the cricket pitch. However, footage of the incident ends up on the internet, while later, she collapses unexpectedly and has to be rushed to hospital.

Pete encourages Finn to talk to Kasim, but Emma is determined to get to россияне dating.com video free full game 2017 ошибаетесь first. Ashley falls into a confused state while visiting Gabby at the hospital and lashes out, accidentally hitting Laurel - who realises she has some serious decisions to make about his long-term care.

Belle finds Liv and advises her to take the video of Gabby off the internet, but Aaron fears his sister has gone too far this time and that people will not forgive her. Finn tries to make things up to kasim, while Lisa tries to persuade Zak to stay.

Sandy offers to babysit Dotty so Laurel flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 have some time to relax, but she ends up with an increasingly confused Ashley on her doorstep. After she narrowly saves him from being run over, she resorts to locking him in his room. Aaron realises that Liv was telling the truth about Gabby, and comforts her when he finds her trying to drown her sorrows. She begs him to find them a home of their own - and Rebecca accidentally gives him an idea how to do just that.

Moira takes drastic action after an accusation from Adam, Laurel finally realises that she needs help, and Lisa goes on a date. Aaron breaks into Home Farm in the middle of the night, intending to steal the money from the safe.

However, he leaves it open and Rebecca realises she has been flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016. Paddy asks a client on a date, but is surprised at her choice of setting. Arthur overhears something worrying, and David is annoyed when dating advice for men from women videos youtube full order of Christmas trees is much larger than he asked for - but Frank confidently declares that he can sell them all.

Liv is delighted when Aaron tells her that he intends to buy Mill Farm. However, their hopes for the future are overshadowed by a revelation about Robert from a drunken Moira. Tracy tries to get rid of Leyla by telling her that Pete wants to move in, but her plan backfires.

Arthur enjoys a day playing at the pirate ship, and seeing him happy helps Laurel to forget her troubles - until a confused Ashley suffers a bad fall and hits his head. Leyla overhears David saying that she should move out, while Paddy is forced to turn to Chas for help when the woman pursuing him will not take no for an answer.

Aaron tries to control his jealousy, and Moira cannot face returning home. Ashley is rushed to hospital after his fall, and Laurel confides to Marlon that he may have suffered permanent damage. When Ashley sees Marlon comforting Laurel, he accuses her of having flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 affair, and later gives Diane the slip to wander the streets alone. The episode is designed to recreate flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 experience of dementia, using camera and editing techniques to provide an insight into how people with the condition perceive the world.

Moira wakes up with a hangover and realises she has a meeting with a potential buyer for the farm. She fails to make a good impression on him, and later turns to Pete for support - only for them to end up kissing. Doug urges Laurel to reconsider full-time care for Ashley, Jimmy returns to the village, and Finn confides in Tracy about his lack of sexual experience. Laurel tells her children and Sandy about her decision concerning Перейти на источник, and Zak reveals that he has not told Joanie about being Santa - which may be a problem when Kyle joins the queue of children waiting to see him.

Cain covers for Moira following the accident by claiming he was driving as Emma tends to an unconscious Pete. However, events take a turn for the worse when the police start asking questions and Jacob suddenly collapses. Laurel returns home to a festive surprise, and Zak and Lisa decide to steal a Christmas tree from Home Farm.

Cain goes to see Moira продолжить Pete warns him that she may not be able to keep her story straight, only to find her distraught and destroying her home in a drunken rage. Joanie worries that she is losing Zak. Joanie tells Zak that she does not want to remain friends, even though it would make Kyle happy.

She decides to take charge of her life, with devastating results for the Dingles. Leyla invites the Bartons to help her welcome Jacob home from hospital, but ends up offending Emma. Lisa persuades him to let her go instead, and tries her best to persuade Joanie to return to the village and not separate Kyle from his father. Jimmy finds out where the mystery necklace came from, but gets into trouble when he tries to put things right. Chrissie catches Ronnie out, and Kasim panics when Emma suggests he move in with Finn.

Nicola fends off questions from Angelica and Elliot about where Jimmy has gone. When he returns to make peace, a blazing row erupts instead, so the children decide to take matters into their own hands - and the Kings soon realise they are missing. Kerry attends her compensation hearing as Pollard demands she pay him what she owes, Joanie tells Cain where he stands with Kyle, and Kerry is not happy when Dan buys a ticket for singles night at the Woolpack.

But when her suitor suddenly turns nasty, Joanie is forced to take matters into her own hands. Kasim admits to Leyla that he feels Finn is coming on too strong. Pete tries to persuade his brother not to get too carried away, unaware he is planning a very grand public gesture. Watch Season HD. The lives of several families in the Yorkshire Dales revolve around a farm and the nearby village.

Soap Drama Stars: HD Release Date: Episode 1 - Fri 1 Jan Release Date: Vanessa flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 worried about baby Johnny. Chas rekindles an old flame.

Episode 2 - Mon 4 Jan Release Date: Episode 3 - Tue 5 Jan Release Date: Episode 4 - Wed 6 Jan Release Date: Episode 7 - Fri 8 Jan Release Date: Episode 8 - Mon 11 Jan Release Date: Episode 9 - Tue 12 Jan Release Date: Episode 10 - Wed 13 Jan Release Date: Episode 13 - Fri 15 Jan Release Date: Episode 14 - Mon 18 Jan Release Date: Episode 15 - Tue 19 Jan 1hr Release Date: Episode 18 - Fri 22 Jan Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 Date: Episode 19 - Mon 25 Jan Release Date: Episode 20 - Tue 26 Jan Release Date: Episode 21 - Wed 27 Jan Release Date: Episode 24 - Fri 29 Jan Release Date: Episode 25 - Mon 1 Feb Release Date: Episode 26 - Tue 2 Feb Release Date: Episode 27 - Wed 3 Feb Release Date: Episode 30 - Https://sallmler.gitlab.io/plastic/dating-sites-for-over-50-totally-free-movies-download-youtube-videos-2272.html 5 Feb Release Date: Episode 31 - Mon 8 Feb Release Date: Episode flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 - Tue 9 Feb Release Date: Episode 33 - Wed 10 Feb Release Date: Episode 36 - Fri 12 Feb Release Date: Episode 37 - Mon 15 Feb Release Date: Episode 38 - Tue 16 Feb Release Date: Episode 39 - Wed 17 Feb Release Date: Episode 42 - Fri 19 Feb Release Date: Episode 43 - Mon 22 Feb Release Date: Episode 44 - Tue 23 Feb Release Date: Episode 45 - Wed 24 Feb Release Date: Episode 48 - Fri 26 Feb Release Date: Episode 49 - Mon 29 Feb Release Date: Episode 50 - Tue 1 Mar Release Date: Episode 51 - Wed 2 Mar Release Date: Episode 54 - Fri 4 Mar Release Date: Episode 55 - Mon 7 Mar Release Date: Episode 56 - Tues 8 Mar Release Date: Episode 57 flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 Wed 9 Mar Release Date: Episode 58 - Thurs 10 Mar Pt.

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Tracy offers to help Belle. Episode - Mon 13 Jun Release Date: Episode - Fri 17 Jun Release Date: Episode - Sun 19 Jun Release Date: Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 - Mon 20 Jun Release Date: Episode - Tue 21 Jun Release Date: Episode - Wed 22 Jun Release Date: Episode - Tue 28 Jun 1hr Release Date: Episode - Wed 29 Jun Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 Date: Episode - Thurs 30 Jun Release Date: Nicola is determined to come home.

Laurel confides in Harriet. Episode - Mon 4 July Release Date: Rhona must make a choice. Belle rushes to see Bailey. Ashley has an idea. Episode - Wed 6 July Release Date: Episode - Fri 8 July Release Date: Episode - Mon 11 July Release Date: Episode - Tue 12 July Release Date: Episode - Wed 13 July Release Date: Episode - Fri 15 July Release Date: Episode - Mon 18 July Release Date: Episode - Tue 19 July 1hr Release Date: Episode - Wed 20 July Release Date: Episode - Fri 22 July Release Date: Episode - Mon 25 July Release Date: Episode - Tue 26 July 1hr Release Date: Episode - Wed 27 July Release Date: Episode - Fri 29 July Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 Date: Flirting signs of married women dating questions 2017 youtube - Mon 1 Aug Release Date: Episode - Tue 2 Aug 1 hr Release Date: Episode - Wed 3 Aug Release Date: Episode - Fri 5 Aug Release Date: Episode - Mon 8 Aug Release Date: Episode - Tue 9 Aug 1hr Release Date: Episode - Wed 10 Aug Release Date: Episode - Fri 12 Aug Release Date: Moira has news for Cain.

Episode - Mon 15 Aug Release Date: Episode - Tue 16 Aug 1hr Release Date: Episode - Wed 17 Aug Release Date: Episode - Fri 19 Aug Release Date: Episode - Mon 22 Aug Release Date: Episode - Tue 23 Aug 1hr Release Date: Episode - Wed 24 Aug Release Date: Episode - Thurs 25 Aug 1hr Release Date: Episode - Fri 26 Aug Release Date: Episode - Mon 29 Aug Release Date: Episode - Tue 30 Aug 1hr Release Date: Episode - Wed 31 Aug Release Date: Episode - Fri 2 Sept Release Date: Episode - Mon 5 Sept Release Date: Episode - Tue 6 Sept Release Date: Episode - Wed flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 Sept Release Date: Episode - Fri 9 Sept Release Date: Episode - Mon 12 Sept Release Date: This can be misleading, since the main reason for the difference is that the number of working-age whites actually fell during this period, while the number of working-age people in these other groups rose.

The Census Bureau reported that there were Inthis number was down to In the wake of this loss, some of the more hardcore Clinton partisans have chosen, in lieu of self-examination and internal criticism, to simply lash out at the voters they failed to win over. The influence of money in politics, especially post—Citizens United, is tremendous. Of course not; corporations are always looking for new technologies to reduce labor costs. Predictably, this is not a question Lee feels a need to explore, much less answer.

Five weeks after a national scandal involving broken Detroit voting machines and ineffective poll workers, state Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 Director Chris Thomas said Wednesday evening that the city will get all new voting machines in time for the mayoral and City Council elections. But broken machines were not the biggest problem Detroit endured election night. Citing a memo he just received, Thomas said there were dozens of other problems that occurred Nov.

Janice Winfrey should have called a news conference last January and said Detroit could not run its elections effectively without people stepping up to replace aging, incapable poll workers. Had she done that, the Detroit city clerk, who was widely praised for transforming the department when she ousted former Clerk Jackie Currie inwould not be facing a firestorm of criticism over mishandled voter ballots and malfunctioning machines.

The docket was filled with 21 House bills, some of which stripped Democratic Governor Elect Roy Cooper of substantial control over the executive branch. This is a coup attempt, an effort to undermine the results of a highly scrutinized election. The House and Senate convened for the second special session of the day, and the fourth of the year, at 2 p. The House rules set a filing deadline of 7 p. Here is the running list of bills filed. They include: Like many, I was surprised and shocked by the election of Donald Trump as president.

I believe his ideas, temperament, and inexperience represent a grave threat to our country and world. Suddenly, all the things I had planned to work on seemed trivial in comparison. Although Internet security and privacy are not the most important policy areas at risk, I believe he — and, more importantly, his cabinet, administration, and Congress — will have devastating effects in that area, both in the US and around the world.

Even though people are generally not opposed to the institution of science, most of us will stick to the positions of our cultural team when politics rub up against science. While science may be an effort to objectively evaluate the workings of the cosmos, human behavior is not.

Some arguments, however, come pretty close to a general antipathy toward science. Voters in the Electoral College will not receive an intelligence briefing about Russian meddling in the U.

Sources told NPR the electors would not receive any national intelligence before they cast ballots this Monday. In an apparent first for any American news outlet, the Washington Post released a Chrome plug-in on Friday designed to fact-check posts from a single Twitter account.

Can you guess which one? Though the Clintons and their supporters staunchly defended the Foundation, pointing to the charitable work it produced to defend any criticisms, such claims of corruption were proven correct.

Ninty-five poll books, lists of people who cast ballots, were delivered late to the board. Attempts to overturn the results of our election, or to delegitimize a president before he even takes office, are attempts to overturn the system of transfer of power that has served America since its earliest days. Somehow things are… special this year.

In most elections, a good-sized group of us see our candidate lose, grumble, and move on to some degree. So what are the two sides of this debate heatedly suggesting we do? Gwen Graham D. So a strategy that goes after rural, whiter, more conservative voters—presumably by being more conservative—vs.

We have and have had for years an Electoral College system. The popular vote is not and has never been how we elect a president. This is the 6th time in U. The country has muddled on, with some of those presidents being better than others. In addition, because of the electoral college system, candidates campaign for electoral votes, not the popular vote. That is the basis for their strategizing how to allot their limited time and resources.

So, for example, knowing he had little chance to win Democratic strongholds California and New York, Trump did not campaign extensively there even though they are big states. The size of the popular vote garnered is more a reflection of the way the system works than it is a gauge of popularity. Pirate Party UK now hosts two councillors. Kev Young, an Independent councillor on the Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 Parish council in Cumbria has joined the Pirate Party UK and was successful in being immediately co-opted back on to the council after standing down.

As the Hillary Clinton campaign slogged toward victory in the long primary campaign against Sen. Bernie Sanders, word came from WikiLeaks that it had scored a trove of hacked emails to and from the Democratic National Committee. Sanders delegates were so angry at what they were learning from WikiLeaks flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 the sabotage of their candidate that hundreds walked out on the second day of the convention, tossing away flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 delegate credentials over the security fence and vowing never to support Clinton.

For the most part, the media as a whole fetishized the Clinton candidacy first woman ever! That pattern continues now, though the accusations have changed from sexual harassment to near-treason on behalf of Putin. Alongside this circus were scum stories on all facets of the campaign attributed to… no one.

It almost gave the impression reporters were just making stuff up. Nicholas Kristof comes off as a decent man, self-effacing, earnest. The latest online thrust by Trump has been a series of tweets directed personally against a reporter who said the president-elect claimed without evidence his popular vote total suffered because of extensive voter fraud.

Trump responded with a series of tweets and retweets condemning Zeleny. Just another episode in the Trump reality show, right?

President-elect Donald J. Trump on Thursday named David M. Friedman, a bankruptcy lawyer aligned with the Israeli far right, as his nominee for ambassador to Israel, elevating a flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 adviser who has questioned the need for a two-state solution and has likened left-leaning Jews in America to the Jews who aided the Nazis in the Holocaust.

Friedman, whose outspoken views stand in stark contrast to decades of American policy toward Israel, did not wait long on Thursday to signal his intention to upend the American approach. Wilders could go to a restaurant with his wife, but the police would check it first. When they go to the cinema, they enter through the back door.

Soros, a staunch Democrat who tried to block George W. Some Western leaders, alongside their media allies, take a peculiar approach toward free speech and democracy, one seemingly predicated on how these reconcile with their own foreign policy objectives and who is affected — friend or foe.

More than one month after the Militant appealed the impoundment of its Oct. Attica officials banned a second issue, the Oct. The Militant subscriber, Jalil Muntaqim formerly Anthony Bottomhas faced other arbitrary acts of censorship and violation of his constitutional rights by Attica prison authorities.

Last year Attica officials banned four books sent to him, including one of poems that he wrote, and have been interfering with his mail. Turning Point USA is biased against black faculty and freedom of speech. Turning Point is c 3 non-profit organization founded on June 5, They sponsor Professor Watch List http: Listed on this watch list are US college professors who have supposedly expressed leftist perspectives.

Turning Point accept tips for new additions to the Professor Watch List, but claims to only publish profiles on incidents that have already been reported somewhere else. I had never heard of ghost banning until I was ghost banned by twitter.

That of course is the idea — they censor you without realising you are censored. People no longer get нажмите для продолжения when I post, and the tweet only turns up in the twitter line of followers who happen to be logged in at the time my tweet goes out.

Those logging in later will no longer see tweets I issued while they were away. Most of my tweets no longer show up on twitter searches, and further restrictions are applied when people retweet my tweets. As twitter do not inform you that you have been ghost banned, it is hard to know exactly what prompted it, but I believe it immediately followed this tweet.

Ina police officer filed a case to demand the ban of the film Lil-hub Qissa Ukhra Love Has Another Story, by Raafat al-Mihibecause he believed a sex scene it contained showed actual intercourse and not just acting. Actors Yahia al-Fakharany and Maaly Zayed were interrogated by the vice crimes prosecution, as was Mihi, but they were all released. The officer had probably been troubled as an adolescent by a difficult existential question: The conviction that all kisses must be real saved him from an existential labyrinth.

Indeed, so do all censorship officials in Egypt. But she is less right to claim I tried to absolve Google of responsibility by tweeting: Is that ethical? Google and others argue their results are a mirror to society, not their responsibility. As a chartered engineer, I strongly agree with Ms Cadwalladr that companies such as Google, Facebook and Uber need to take responsibility for the unintended consequences of the algorithms and machine learning that drive their profits.

They can bring huge benefits and great apps but we need a tech-savvy government to minimise the downside by opening up algorithms to regulation as well as legislating for greater consumer ownership of data and control of the advertising revenue it generates. Not just about the privacy sucking aspects, but also about the inability to control your own data. Dropbox disabled public folders.

I dunno. The other was a change in ToS for Evernote. They wanted to clarify that their people could read your notes. Remember Google Reader? The data also included sensitive information like phone numbers, passwords, security questions and backup email addresses of White House officials as well as some British authorities, the CNN reported Friday, citing Andrew Komarov, chief intelligence officer at InfoArmor.

The Daily Mail reports there are claims in Germany that a tranche ofsides of files published by WikiLeaks this month were secret GCHQ documents on covert cell phone policy for British spies from During a panel discussion at Georgetown University Law Center in Читать inEllard argued if Snowden had come to him with his concerns — instead of leaking thousands of classified documents — he would have received the same protections as other NSA employees.

The NSA has a special complaints hotline which receives about a thousand reports annually from employees. If you sport a Fitbit or Apple Watch on the regular, you probably love the health insights you get from your wearable. You know how much you move, how well you sleep and have likely started tracking patterns and trends as soon as you have enough time logged. There are tons of advertisers and big pharma companies interested in your personal health data almost as much as you are — and, according to researchers, they can get it almost as easily as you can.

Feeling isolated and threatened, we turn further against each other, take less care of each other and worry even more about ourselves. And yet, we are never alone: Excessive surveillance is now politically normalized, if not for all then at least for those who are different, intractable, foreign.

Millions of people have seen the video from North Charleston, S. Walter Scott was running away from police Officer Michael Slager when the officer shot him in the back, killing him instantly.

This is a story that has become all too familiar. Almost all the cases end with a determination by a prosecutor that the police shooting was legally justified. Sinceonly 78 police officers across the country have been charged with murder or manslaughter resulting from an on-duty shooting. To date, just 26 of those officers have been convicted of manslaughter or a lesser offense, and only one was convicted of murder.

It was an extraordinary situation: James Ashby, a police officer in Rocky Ford, Colo. Ashby was convicted of second-degree murder. The year-old depraved sex fiend, from Tunisia, was not flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 a custodial sentence by the judge, who instead decided the best course of action would be to trap the tragic victim with her attacker forever.

Police now say Yasmin made the whole thing up. Everyone who wrote hate mail to me and posted hateful things on my Twitter and Facebook can apologize now. The pattern flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 near-identical: She reports the crime only through the media, who sends what she says viral without asking any critical questions, despite some issues that might be worth questioning.

The story is added to the tally of such crimes, as another example of what people want to believe. At issue? If a hate crime is real, it must be prosecuted publicly and aggressively. We live in a vulnerable, volatile time. Anyone who would commit a hate crime needs, within the law, to be made an example of, lest the next one be the spark that starts a larger fire. At the same time, if a hate crime did not occur, that too must be prosecuted fully.

Every false or exaggerated report adds to the arsenal of false reports that negate real reports. Obama has waged a vicious War on Whistleblowers, the details of which are insufficiently known to the public. High level security officials, true American patriots like Thomas Drake and John Kiriakou have been handcuffed, dragged through the courts and jailed. William Binney had guns pointed at himself and his wife in their home. Chelsea Manning endures constant persecution and humiliation which meets the bar of cruel and degrading punishment.

Edward Snowden pines in exile. These are just the highest profile examples. Under Obama, whistleblowers face a total of months behind bars — compared to 24 months for all other whistleblowers combined since посмотреть еще American Revolution. The protection of free speech and truth-telling has been wrenched away under Obama.

I am proud to be a whistleblower myself, and like Drake, Kiriakou, Binney, Manning and Snowden a recipient of the annual Sam Adams award. We have another recipient — Julian Assange — who is a most useful ally indeed. Whistleblowers seemed a soft target. Indeed seven years into his Presidency Obama seemed to be winning the War on Whistleblowers hands down, leaving them serving time or marginalised and cast out from society.

If you live long enough, your flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 catches up with you and this year for the first time highly classified papers I wrote in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office are starting to be released under the 30 year declassification rule.

The Pirate Bay and other sites must be blocked by local Internet providers, an Australian court ruled this week. While the measures have yet to be implemented, many pirates are already trying to find ways around them.

No one should flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 to fear losing their internet connection because of unfounded accusations.

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When copyright law and the First Amendment come into conflict, the First Amendment must win. A copyright law that would bar websites from linking to and posting short excerpts of news articles? A large group of original KickassTorrent staffers has launched a reincarnation of the infamous torrent site, hoping to restore it to its former glory.

The new site uses a fresh and secure database, but the look and feel of the platform remains the same. The scam got deeper and deeper the more you looked, including forged signatures, clear evidence that the main actors behind Prenda — John Steele and Paul Hansmeier — were uploading their own works as a honeypot, while pretending to represent clients that they themselves owned through various shell companies — which they denied owning.

It went on and on and on. And on and on and on. Things really went sideways almost four years ago when Judge Otis Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 in California was the first judge to put much of this together, and called all of them to court, where everyone pleaded the fifth yes, lawyers were pleading the fifth in a case they themselves brought. Court after court after court has slammed Prenda, and ordered Hansmeier and Steele partner 3, Paul Duffy, died in the middle of all of this to pay up lots of money.

Of course, in response to that, there were further flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 of illegally hiding money, bogus trusts, a questionable bankruptcy claim and more. And, yet, they still were not in jail. For years Prenda Law extracted millions of dollars in cash settlements from alleged BitTorrent pirates, leaving misery in its wake. While the firm это dating.com reviews 2017 consumer reports report этому longer exists, two of its principals have now been arrested.

The duo hafe been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud, money laundering, and perjury. Interestingly, The Pirate Bay plays a key role in the case. Posted in News Roundup at 8: The point of this series is to work out whether I can truly ditch Windows and use Q4OS as my sole operating system. The mission of living life without Windows is still very much on the go. Q4OS is extremely stable. As well as working out the Office stuff I have also used it to watch Breaking Bad on Netflix and for researching and writing the articles at Lifewire.

There is only one more snag. I am a software developer and I develop Windows software. I will show you how I am overcoming that snag next week. The Cloud Foundry Foundation is spearheading an effort to flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 APIs for connecting applications to cloud-platform services.

This involves getting collaborators to work flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 a piece of not-so-special software that each of them would otherwise have to develop.

Linux kernel developer Gustavo Padovan working for Collabora reports on the latest contributions he and ten other developers have contributed to the recently released Linux 4. The big batch of ARM changes for the Linux 4. The latest pull request to talk about for the Linux 4. Renowned Linux kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman announced today, December 15,the availability of the Linux kernel 4. Arriving посмотреть еще five days after the previous читать больше releases, namely Linux kernel 4.

However, they appear to be quite small, as Linux kernel 4. Discussing midlayers seems to be one of the recuring topics in the linux kernel. But LWN gained more articles in the years since, covering the iscsi driver as a study in avoiding OS abstraction layers, or детальнее на этой странице similar case in wireless with the Broadcom driver.

The dismissal of midlayers and hailing of helper libraries has become so prevalent that calling your shiny new subsystem libfoo viz. The latest patches from Igalia this morning are their revised set of 25 patches for supporting the Float64 capability in the Intel Vulkan driver.

The shaderFloat64 нажмите чтобы перейти signifies bit floats doubles support within the shader flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016. Installation is via a downloadable executable installer.

The default mode is plain-text, UTF-8 encoded, with Windows line-feeds, and word wrapping turned on—normal Notepad defaults. After announcing back in September the Beta preview of its latest Flash Player technologies for Linux platforms, synced with the Windows and Mac builds, it looks like the Adobe finally released Flash Player 24, for Linux. One week after going into a code freeze and releasing Wine 2. Egosoft, the studio behind the X Universe game franchise with their titles long being Linux friendly going back many years, is developing a new title and will feature a Vulkan renderer.

They said they need fixes from Epic due to bugs in Unreal Engine 4 and Linux support. The client for the game store itch. Find the new release here. After a few years of delay, the spiritual successor and thematic to Planescape: Torment finally gets a release date. The RPG should be available on February 28th.

With the big Dota 2 7. Tests on several different Radeon graphics cards. The Kdenlive development team announced a new flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 version of the open-source video editor designed for KDE Plasma desktop environments, Kdenlive But продолжить nothing in this world is perfect, it looks like its user interface needs some improvements here and there.

At least evolution, gnome-calendar and gnome-todo were affected. The bugs have since been fixed, but until every single user out there installs the по ссылке, everybody will be susceptible even if they have a fixed copy of evolution-data-server.

This is because Google identifies the clients by the OAuth 2. Suman Chakravartula informs us today about the general availability of a new maintenance update to his open-source and free Linux-based NAS Network-Attached Storage operating system, Rockstor 3. The new version arrives a little over a month since the previous point release, namely Rockstor 3.

GoboLinux was created out of a desire to try new approaches in the Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 distribution design space: GoboLinux continues this journey, with a focus on the exploration of novel ideas aiming to make the system simpler yet functional. Even though the year is not yet completely over, this will be the last review for this year: Tumbleweed of course will not stop rolling at this time: Nevertheless, you should not be surprised if the pace goes a bit down as many people will be busy with other things during this period.

But OpenStack Platform 10 also accompanies a shift in build, partnering and support from Red Hat to catch an edge on rival Linux distros also boxing OpenStack. Everywhere in the OpenStack arena, addressing complexity is a top priority. As Enterprise Tech noted: We had 15 actually 16 funny and awesome questions and a lot of laughs in flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 them.

Like last time, people really loved the quiz, and it was really fun for everyone. Top ten participants got the flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 awards Fedora shirts and Fedora winter caps and everyone else got a lot of the remaining swag that we had.

For the past several releases, the Fedora Project has been pursuing what it calls Fedora Next. Essentially, Fedora Next took a step back and looked at how the distro is used and came up with editions specifically tailored to those use cases. The newest LXQt 0. As expected, all the pre-installed packages have been updated to their latest versions as of December 9, While the Ubuntu phone has seen a great deal of improvement since it was launched in Februaryone aspect of the operating system that does not work as it should is Wi-Fi.

A smartphone is useless without an Internet connection and if Wi-Fi connections keep going up and down like a yo-yo, then even the small number of people who would prefer a Linux phone to any other may well have to start looking elsewhere. Ubuntu is going to begin making use of swapfiles in place of swap partitions on new non-LVM based installations.

Do you like, use or see the need for Swap partitions on your Flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 system? If not, Ubuntu We were the first to report two months ago, on October 12,that the Ubuntu-based Black Lab Linux computer operating system was about to become a commercial product due to lack of funding. As such, the latest version, Black Lab Linux 8.

And the good news starts with the fact that the wait is almost over for the Linux Mint Other tidbits were revealed as well such a new PIA Manager in development. Elsewhere, a lot of security related topics emerged in the headlines and OpenSource. Douglas DeMaio summarized this week in Tumbleweed just as yet another new snapshot was announced. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

A long term support release, Linux Mint The release features updates to core Mint software, some new features, the latest Cinnamon 3. Rigado unveiled flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 highly customizable IoT Gateway that runs Linux on an i. Due to arrive in earlythe flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 ship with brandable enclosures and customizable feature sets.

The default feature, however, is a combination Thread Fancy перейти на источник holding a hi-tech, collaborative, interactive meeting in front of your flat screen?

After a highly successful Indiegogo run that saw it raise 6x its funding goal, the contraption has finally landed in the market for anyone to buy to turn their flat screen TV into an Android counterpart of the Microsoft Surface Hub. As the most popular OS on Earth, Android finds itself on a lot of different form factors. Sure, there are smartphones in countless different flavors, and Google has expanded the OS to cover tablets, watches, and TVs.

Remember, the core Android platform flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 open source, which means all sorts of companies want it for things other than the typical Google-suggested use cases. Android is becoming the OS of choice for everything with a screen. Are you interested in writing android apps? Well, Google has worked really hard to make doing this as simple as it can be.

Previously, you needed to download Eclipse and the Android Developer Tools separately and getting it to work was quite a hassle. With Android Studio, Google has provided a very simple and straightforward tool needed to start developing Android apps. For better or worse, was another year of bots.

I probably got more pitches for bot startups than anything else. And yet, bots are far from hitting their stride. The broadly accepted answer is yes, that we need a diverse set of developers and technologists to build the new digital world.

Further, when you look at communities that thrive, they are those that evolve and grow and bring in new voices and perspectives. Because much of the software innovation happening today involves open source software, the open source community can be an entry point for new flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 in technology flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016. This means that the open source community must evolve to stay relevant.

There has never been a better time for the open source community to welcome new community members from underrepresented groups than now, and the community is rising to the challenge. The Linux Foundation and OpenStack Foundation provide scholarships, travel assistance, training, mentorships, childcare, affinity groups, and more as part of their events and services. Since the WOO group started перейти на страницуmore women have been attending and speaking at OpenStack-related events and contributing to OpenStack projects.

Julien Nioche, director of DigitalPebble, PMC member and committer больше на странице the Apache Nutch web crawler project, talks about StormCrawler, a collection of reusable components to build distributed web crawlers based on the streaming framework Apache Storm.

It says it has had it in production for over two years. In the first quarter ofthe will make the code available as open source through the Linux Foundation. Google Inc. Google has signed on as a gold member of the foundation, joining companies dating apps for android with a blue icon phone number as EMC Corp. Cloud Foundry is an open-source Platform as a Service that offers developers a choice of clouds, development frameworks, and application services for building and running apps at scale on public and private clouds.

There just are not enough skilled workers to go around. The OpenStack Foundation, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and other organizations are now taking some important steps to address the situation. The open-source CrateDB database hit a major milestone on December 14 with the debut of its 1. CrateDB defines itself as a SQL database that enables real-time analytics for machine data applications.

With CrateDB, there flirting quotes relationships poems free a distributed SQL query engine as well as columnar field caches that help to provide improved speed.

German ICT service providers are pooling their work on public administration portals, leveraging open source software. With the best wishes for the holiday season attached we hereby humbly present our The next major release features FreeBSD The European Commission is looking to hire ICT staff that can help implement open source-based office automation. On 2 December, parliamentarians asked the minister of education to strengthen support for the VitaLinux Education project, which is developing an Ubuntu-based distribution of open source software made especially for schools in the community.

The Government signed the Paris Declaration last week at the Open Government Partnership summit, which flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 the potential for open source to support efforts to reduce corruption by increasing transparency and strengthening governance.

The first deliverable of the group is an open source contribution policy template, which is already available in an alpha version on github and will be further developed over the next few months. The original idea was to use a Thomson computer to fit in a smaller computer, such as a CHIP or Raspberry Pi, but the software update support would have been difficult, the use limited to the builtin programs, and it would have required a separate screen.

So I restricted myself to only making a keyboard. They will tell you that you must always write unit tests before you write code, no exceptions. But the stuff that gets sprayed or grows organically on dating free online dating renewal online buds can. Studies show that marijuana sampled across the US carries unsafe levels of pesticides, mold, fungi, and bacteria.

Earlier this year, Colorado recalled hundreds of batches that tested positive for banned pesticides. The United Nations General Assembly this month is considering a resolution committing to elevate health issues to the highest levels of foreign policy. The Executive Board of UNITAID yesterday adopted a resolution on the use of the intellectual property flexibilities enshrined in the global trading system allowing developing countries to facilitate access to affordable medicines.

The bug allows for reliable code injection when a user simply opens a malicious file. The following video demonstrates the exploit opening the Gnome calculator. The executed payload also replaces the exploit file with a источник zip file to cover its tracks.

Users and administrators of Ubuntu Linux desktops are being advised to patch their systems following the disclosure of serious security flaws. OpenPGP protects you if your mail server is hacked. The hack saw the potential theft of login details, personal details and any confidential or sensitive information contained within email correspondences. Yahoo provided the email services for BT and Sky customers, as well as other services.

On December 14, Yahoo жмите сюда that after an investigation into data provided by law enforcement officials in November, the company and outside forensics experts have determined that there was in fact a previously undetected breach of data from more than 1 billion user accounts.

Payment card data and bank account information are not stored in the system the company believes was affected. The attackers quietly scooped up the records of more than 1 billion users, including names, birth dates, phone numbers and passwords that were encrypted with an easily broken form of security.

The intruders also obtained the security questions and backup email addresses used to reset lost passwords — valuable information for someone trying to break into other accounts owned by the same user, and particularly useful to a hacker seeking to break into government computers around the world: Several million of the backup addresses belonged to military and civilian flirting with disaster molly hatchetwith disaster scene photos hd 2016 employees from dozens of nations, including more thanAmericans.

It has more than penetration testing tools in its repositories. All recent Ubuntu Linux releases ship with Apport crash handling software. A security researcher has discovered a flaw in this utility that allows an attacker to remotely execute code using a malicious booby-trapped file. Ubuntu has released the fix for the same, which can be grabbed via simple Ubuntu update.

A remote code execution bug has been patched in the default installation of Ubuntu Desktop affecting all default installations of Quantal version As part of a U. Last July, thousands of researchers working in AI and robotics came together and issued an open letter calling for a pre-emptive ban on such weapons. I was one of the organizers of the letter, and today I spoke at the U.

Tens of thousands have been killed in fighting in South Sudan and more than a million people have fled. In the latest encounter in international waters in the South China Sea region, the USNS Bowditch was sailing about miles off the port at Subic Bay when the incident occurred, according to the official.

The letter was published by Consortium News on Monday. Any hack would have been noticed by the NSA, which has stayed silent, they say. The American intelligence community rarely speaks with one voice. The members of its 17 publicly known intelligence agencies — God only knows the number of secret agencies — have the same biases, prejudices, jealousies, intellectual shortcomings and ideological underpinnings as the public at large.