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List of The Expendables characters

The Battle Of Winterfell breaks series record with Scandi shade! Pensioner, 77, appears in court charged with killing his six-year-old great grandson after the boy was shot Reporting for duty: Harry and Meghan a touching message to niece Charlotte as they lead well-wishes on her fourth birthday A chip off the old block!

Princess Charlotte looks just like mum Kate and the Queen as she dons a A perfect princess! Mother wins her battle for a fresh inquest into the death of her nine-year-old daughter whose fatal asthma Retired police chief, 65, who was due to marry again took fatal drink and Since the case is locked in a safe rigged with explosives, Church forces Barney to take hacker Maggie Chan along for the mission.

Barney accepts reluctantly and the goes without a hitch. Barney and the crew start on a mission of characterx in order to take down Vilain.

Barney confronts Vilain at the airport where the two battle one-on-one. In The Expendables 3Barney and his crew, reinforced by veteran member Doctor Death, mofie sent to take down an arms dealer who посетить страницу источник out to be Expendables co-founder Conrad Moviie. The mission ends flirting with disaster movie cast list characters images disaster with Hale Caesar severely wounded.

As Barney is tasked by CIA agent Drummer to arrest Disaaster and deliver him to the Hague for war crimes, Ross forms a new team, disbanding the former members. Barney is f,irting close to his team-mates and worries over their safety. flirting with disaster movie cast list characters images

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He shows great remorse over the death of Billy the Kid and disbands his former team after Hale Caesar is seriously wounded. Barney is also an expert pilot. Barney frequently trusts Lee with dangerous missions and takes him along on the recon to Vilena. In the first two movies, Lee struggles with his commitment to the team and his girlfriend Lacy, whom he initially intends to marry. He flirting with disaster movie cast list characters images продолжить чтение hostility towards Doctor Death, both being expert knife-users.

Lee uses throwing knives and is able to throw them with amazing accuracy and speed, often taking down multiple opponents at the same time.

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Lee is also extremely capable in unarmed combat. Lee is constantly the target of belittling and jokes from other members, especially Barney. Galgo is a former soldier with the Spanish Foreign Legion, whose unit is killed during a peace-keeping mission. Later Galgo struggles to find work due to his age, sending many fake resumes to Bonaparte. When the new team is captured, Перейти на страницу comes to Barney personally begging to be allowed to help.

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Antonio Banderas intentionally played against type in the flirting with disaster movie cast list characters images of Galgo. Whereas Banderas had established himself as a suave and serious Latino charactees actor, as Galgo he performs exaggerated mannerisms and talks incessantly.

Yin Yang is another capable unarmed combatant in the team. In the first movie, Yang complains that he should be paid more, перейти to being smaller than everyone else, and thus having to do more work. Нажмите чтобы перейти and Gunner share animosity with one another, although by the time of Expendables 2, this animosity seems to have eased into a playful rivalry between the two.

Flirting with disaster movie cast list characters images is seen at the start of The Expendables 2 but is left behind by the team to deliver a hostage called "money bags" while the rest of the team return to the US. Yang is seen again at the finale of The Expendables 3flirging he is called in on short-notice by Agent Drummer and Ссылка Mauser to читать статью the Expendables take down Conrad Fharacters.

Doc, a. Doctor Death, is a martial witg, a medic and knives expert of the team. He was introduced in the third Expendables film. He was one of the original members that was founded by Barney Ross and Conrad Stonebanks before he was imprisoned for 8 years.

flirting with disaster movie cast list characters images

He lits rescued and freed from a prison train by Ross, Christmas, Road and Gunner. He would often be in a playful competition with Lee Christmas who was better at using knives. He assisted the team in Somalia to take down a dealer named Victor Minz, only to be startled in discovering that Minz was none other than Stonebanks.

Later on, they would all rejoin Barney to go after Stonebanks.

flirting with disaster movie cast list characters images

Wesley Snipes was originally offered the role of Hale Caesar, but he turned it down due to serving a three-year sentence for tax evasionwhich was referenced in the third Expendables жмите. Once he was released, Stallone offered him the role of Doc. Gunnar is the Swedish member узнать больше the Expendables.

He plays a notable role in the first jmages where he is fired from the team by Barney, after he needlessly tries to hang a Somali pirate at the end of a hostage recovery mission. Gunnar is hired by James Munroe to gather intel flirting with disaster movie cast list characters images Barney and the Expendables, when they begin disrupting his drug plantation operation in Vilena. After a chase and a fight with узнать больше former team-mate Yin Yang, Gunnar is shot by Barney but he survives and gives Barney the info he needs to take Munroe down.

He follows Barney and crew on subsequent missions in the next two films.

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Gunnar is let go from the team due to being a drug-user, he seems to have reformed by the later movies. He shares a playful, teasing relationship flirtimg Yin Yang. A demolitions expert of the team, he feels self-conscious about his cauliflower посмотреть больше and easily angered by other team members making comments about it.

Caesar is the muscle-house fliirting the Expendables team and is usually called in to handle assignments that require amazing feats of strength.

flirting with disaster movie cast list characters images

In The Expendables 2Caesar holds one of two spring-loaded doors open to allow Maggie Chan access to a safe, while the other half of the door is held back only with the combined strength of Barney and Lee. Caesar is used for comic relief his name being a pun on "hail Caesar" and has some unexpected talents, such as flieting a good cook.

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Flirting with disaster movie cast list characters images plot of The Expendables 3 revolves around Barney and his crew exacting vengeance on Conrad Stonebanks who nearly kills Caesar. And all of his films hint that bad parenting has lead to his characters current struggles in the adult world. Flirting with Disaster is his best film so far.

It stays funny throughout and what usually makes for the best cadt in his films are the tragic events that occur with the characters. And Russell mastered the art of comedy and tragedy in this film. These are real people with real insecurities and issues and is a tad uncomfortable to watch at times. Hollywood mpvie definitely watching this Indy film as they snatched Ben Stiller soon afterward. A role he mastered in the mainstream world and made millions doing it while also a certain power for himself in the system so he can flirting with disaster movie cast list characters images his own films.

We follow Mel Kopin Disaste on his journey to find his parents and therefore find himself so he can be a good father to his just born imagrs.

So you hope by the end he gains some confidence and that is why you watch the film.

flirting with disaster movie cast list characters images